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Confusion – personal writing

Rosie ran a brush through her copper-gold, long, silky cop and smiled contentedly. After a touch of lip-gloss was applied she was satisfied with her reflection, so she grabbed her detonating device and bounded down to where her Mother was waiting. Okay honey? her Mum submited smiling.Yes, elegant thank you Mum. Rosie replied cheerfully.Rosie was adopted as a child and lived with her mother and surrogate brother in a renovated house in Yorkshire. Her Mother was individual(a) and Rosie had never had any contact with her natural p arents. Rosie loved her life, she was seeing a lovely guy and her Mum and her were just going to the local obtain center were she was going to meet up with him.Rosie and her Mum, Nicola drove down the throughway in their Renault. It was a beautiful day, Rosie thought to herself as she gazed at the deep, spirited sky making shapes in her mind out of the puffy, white cotton candy like clouds. Suddenly her head was thrown sideways against the window and a loud screeching filled her ears. Then all the noise, all the visions were departed and Rosie felt strangely peaceful.Rosie opened her eyes and all she could see was white. She well-tried to sit up but her head hurt so oft she slumped back down again. From that position she tried to sort out her surroundings. She was aspect straight upwards at a plain, white ceiling without a blemish on it. She slowly and painfully turned her head and was face up with a blue curtain. To puzzled to be panicked she tried to figure out where she was. She didnt have long to wait.The blue curtain was yanked backed and an highly harassed looking man looked in. Let me see my fille, where is she? he was saying. revel sir youre disturbing the patients, a nurse was telling him worriedly.Oh thank goodness state the strange man and started hugging Rosie. At first Rosie was to shocked to reply and then she pushed him away with all the strength she could moldinesser.What do you think you are doing? Rosi e spluttered.Darling, whats the matter? Whats wrong? the man asked Rosie, and then turning to the nurse he repeated, Whats wrong? Why doesnt she recognize me?Im sorry, shes been through a draw. She needs around relaxation, please come back later when things are a routine clearer to her.What do you mean? the strange man demanded, his voice rising, This is my only young woman lying here, I need to be with her. I realise you must be anxious but the best thing you can for your daughter now is to let her rest, so please I must ask you to leave. Reasoned the nurse.The man seemed to be fighting a battle with himself to manage his emotions. It looked like he won and he seemed to use a lot of self-restraint as he said, Fine, Ill see you later Jenny, and just recall Daddy loves you. Then he walked out.Try and get some rest dear. Soothed the nurse, and then she followed him, shutting the curtain as she left.Jenny lay back, a million thoughts running through her head at once.

Language Change

English Language Section B Language Change Practise Essay 4. school texts I and J two provide advice about dancing etiquette. Text I is from How To Dance. A transact Ball-Room and Party Guide, published 1878. Text J is from an article, Dancing to Romance, from The beau Book, a girls annual published in 1965. ?Referring to both schoolbookual matterual matters in detail, and to pertinent ideas from wording study, discuss how language has limitingd over time. Language is a silver and flexible phenomenon which experiences capacious change on a regular basis.Theorists much(prenominal) as David Crystal have taken an open-minded fire to much(prenominal) change, explaining that there is no predictable direction for the changes that ar taking place. They be just that changes. Not changes for the better nor changes for the worse just changes, sometimes sledding one way, sometimes another. This statement articulates the prescriptivist view that language is an organic scatt er of life which evolves and grows to suit the needs of its contextual time, just as living(a) organisms do.Texts I and J show a distinct journey of change in the English lexicon between 1878 and 1965, ranging from graphological features through to the individual lexical choices and thus far the ways in which the audience of from each one of the texts is addressed. In exploring these texts, conclusions will be drawn as to the extent of the change that language has undergone, and what the causes, and indeed the impacts of these changes whitethorn have been. One of the most notable differences between these texts is their graphological presentation.Text I is be in an expressly simple way, using a serif expression which was likely to have been produced on a printing press, given up that the text itself appears to have jagged edges, impeaching that ink had been applied to a block or stamp in order to produce the text something uncommon to modern-day means of printing. It is als o interesting to note the complete lack of images, and the warrant alignment of the text throughout. The text is not split up at all, other than into paragraphs and here is no use of italics or bold text at any point in the text. Text J, conversely, uses a graphologically Gordian structure, with an image to text ratio of around 11. Three blocks of text are tended to(p) by three images of men and women together, two of which march a dance scene and the last of which displays the onset of intimacy the craved goal of the text which was pen as an instructional piece, seemingly aimed at the female gender.The images supplied are directly photograph, rather than illustrations, representing the development of technology and the availability of photography cameras and digital arrangement of photographs and text to create much(prenominal) a publication. Text J also makes use of italicisation in order to mark the lexical items those and your. The use of the lexical item those here is a deictic word expression, implying a shared pragmatic and contextual knowledge between the maker and the reader of the text.This is echoed throughout the text, where an informal and friendly tone is adopted throughout. This is affirm by the consistent application of elision, forming contractions of lexis such as do not to become dont, showing the adoption of a in the main informal register. The method of address john be con positioningred in footing of Norman Faircloughs theory of synthetic personalisation, where first person pronouns are used to directly address the reader and indicate a winning of relationship between the writer and reader, where some shared understanding and common-ground can be found.This personalised and informal approach to writing is another body politic of particular development from the older text. Text I, in stark strain to text J, adopts a formal register throughout, using latinate lexis to imply an ascendant status to the reader. This is connec ted to gender theories, where men are a good deal considered to be much direct, and to write with a stronger tone of allowance. Some of the lexical choices made in this text show the lexical development of language specifically, as archaic latinate terms like effrontery are found throughout the text.This is indicative of the broadly formal approach to this text, in opposition to the relaxed, informal approach within text J. Text I appears to adhere to the rules of the oppositional table in check to written and spoken discourse, where a predominantly objective approach is taken, other than a single abduce with the pronoun your is made to the reader. Other than this instance, the text remains entirely objective, referring in the terce person to entities for the purpose of explanation. Text J, on the other hand, uses the interpersonal approach which is more common to spoken discourse to address its audience.In terms of the oppositional table, a further consideration can be made a s to which side these texts sit more appropriately. This observation is made specifically in regard to the grammatical complexity of the texts, for which text I is more advanced. The use of more advanced punctuation such as the regular application of the semi-colon is exclusive to text I, where the aim is to extend the length of sentences in many places. The semi-colon is accompanied by regular use of commas, where sentences often run to such lengths that they omit entire paragraphs.This shows the direct intention of the producer to create an undoubtedly written piece of text which was designed to be a basis of authority on a subject of which the producer holds superior knowledge to the reader. When examining text J for the same reasons, the opposing side of the table can be identified, where a grammatically simple text uses exclamatory sentences to deliver impact, and guard a short and chatty tone to convey the points at hand. Text J also uses some unusual starters to sentences, flush using conjunctions to put down not only sentences, but paragraphs too.The purpose of these texts display an underlying affable and contextual development over the time between the production of each of the texts, where an audience shift from the male to the female appears to take place, showing ontogenesis levels of egalitarianism among genders. The growth of significance of the female gender in the administration of relationships has caused the male tone to be muted somewhat, opting for a more gender-neutral tone, even in a text which was principally written for the female gender, given its contextual location of appearance.While a focus on politeness in the content of the texts remains the same, the way in which this message is conveyed has undergone vast and varied development. A growth in the status of women through social and policy-making development has given the female gender a more fair to middling position in the audience position of writing such as this. Fur ther to the contextual factors, the means of production of text has also undergone vast development with the advent of digital technology, increasing the ease of production of such texts, and expanding on the flexibility of presentational and graphological features.

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Hamlet Essay †Misogyny Essay

misogyny, by definition, is the detestation of wo men and girls. In Hamlet by William Shakespeare, misogyny affects women in negative ship canal that twain impact how a adult female is portrayed along with how these stereotypes and controls settle her actions and ultimately lead to her demise. Gertrude and Ophelia, the only major female characters of this play, are two(prenominal) women who must confront various factors and adverse effects of misogyny. Shakespeare uses the antique governance to argue the effects of mens misogynistic behavior towards women. The patriarchal carcass e veryows men to objectify women by using them as pawns, and gives men the position to control and manipulate women as they please. Shakespeare demonstrates this done the language and actions of Polonius, Ophelias incur. Firstly, the patriarchal system gives Polonius the power to treat Ophelia like an object and control her actions. Claudius, Gertrude, and Polonius all told return together i n this prognosis to make a be after on how to discover why Hamlet has gone so mad. In their conversation, Polonius says, At such a time Ill assailable my female child to him. (II.ii.174) Here, the word loose emphasizes the cynical unconcern that he has for his daughter.The use of loose in this context is alike a pun. Loose means cow, so Shakespeare uses this line as a metaphor to say that Polonius is soon issue to loose his daughter, a cow, to a bull, who is none other than Hamlet. Polonius does this again plot talking to Ophelia about how she shouldnt believe Hamlets linguistic process or rely on either of his betokens because according to Polonius, Hamlet doesnt truly sexual love Ophelia he simply has a strong crave for her at the moment. Ay, springes to catch woodcocks. I do know, / When the blood burns, how prodigal the mind/ Lends the tongue vows, Polonius explains. (I.ii.120) Shakespeare uses diction here to emphasize what Polonius thinks of his daughter. Sprin ges are snares to catch fools and a woodcock is a bird that is easily taken. In simple terms, Polonius is comparing Ophelia to this gooselike type of bird, formula that she is easy to get and fool. Once again, he compares her to an living organism objectifying her and bringing her down from her status as a human and cleaning lady in familiarity. Shakespeare demonstrates how sex is portrayed as something crude and wrong through the actions of Queen Gertrude. Hamlets aversion towards his dumbfounds gender upkeeps the fancy that sexuality is obscene.Hamlet is absolutely disgusted by his mother and while talking to himself, exclaims O, most condescending speed, to post/ With such tact toincestuous sheets (I.ii.158-159) Gertrudes sexuality makes her inappropriate because she remarried with wicked speed. The word wicked has a negative connotation to it. It implies that Gertrudes speed in re unifying was full-grown and evil because she betrayed King Hamlet so quickly and the qu ickness of her actions makes her be sexually vulgar. Hamlet is disgusted by the fact that his mother was both quick and agile with becoming incestuous. Furthermore, the idea that sexuality is vulgar is get ahead demonstrated when the ghost of King Hamlet reveals his disgust towards Gertrudes incest. So lust, through to a beamy angel linked, / go forth state itself in a celestial bed/ And prey on garbage. (I.v.59-60) Even though sexuality can be pure like a radiant angel, it will glut (sate) and prey on garbage. Shakespeare uses imagery with these words to reveal that Gertrude is garbage and that she is searched for like junk by a scavenger. The word sate shows Gertrude as a gluttonous animal, implying that her sexuality makes her an animal thus sexuality is vulgar.Shakespeare emphasizes that virginity is essential to a womens value in society, for it makes her both pure and desirable. Ophelias conversations with her brother Laertes and her stick Polonius provide evidence that both Laertes and Polonius place a very high value of Ophelias sexuality and her obligation to protect her virginity. Laertes and Ophelia have one last conversation onwards he departs to France. He gives her advice about rejecting lust and desire in tack together to keep her virginity and thereby make herself honorable. In their conversation with each other, Laertes warns Ophelia to not let herself be seduced and lose her honor by losing her virginity. He says, The sicken galls the infants of the spring/ Too oft before their yettons be disclosed. (I.ii.42-43) Shakespeare uses some enkindle metaphors in this scene to stress the value of Ophelias maidenhood by comparing it to a flower. The phrase infants of the spring implies both innocence and fertility. This metaphor compares women, in this case Ophelia to new spring flowers whose buds still havent been opened (still virgins).Laertes is motto that Ophelia is still young so she must place upright her desires in order to save he r virginity doing so would also save her honor, which is something that is very valued especially for women in society. Polonius also warns Ophelia about the value of her virginity, butfor other reasons. Unlike Laertes, who is more concerned about Ophelias gladness and emotional well-being, Polonius is more focused on himself and the respect of his family. He says to her You do not understand yourself so clearly/ As it behooves my daughter and your honor. (I.ii.102-103) Here, Polonius is saying that Ophelia does not yet understand how to behave in a style that is suitable for someone who is his daughter and who is under his name and household. He is panic-struck that if Ophelia loses her virginity, she will disgrace the family and hurt his reputation all in all, he fears that the respect of his family will be damaged. This makes it evident that Shakespeare believed that along with altering a womans reputation and social standing, womens chastity also affected mens social standing in society. perceive that virginity is given such high value, Shakespeare also clearly demonstrates the consequences that a woman experiences by losing her virginity before marriage. He uses Ophelias character to illustrate how losing a womans virginity causes her to lose relationships with people she loves, her social status and reputation, her sanity, and ultimately, her life.OPHELIA.By Gis and by Saint Charity,Alack, and fie, for shameYoung men will do t, if they come to t.By Cock, they are to blame.Quoth she, Before you tumbled me,You promised me to wed.He answersSo would I a done, by yonder sun,An thou hadst not come to my bed. (IV.v.59-67) later losing her father, Ophelia has become insane and is singing this song while reminiscing about the love that she and Hamlet once had. She has been driven to this madness because of her instability after her father is killed and Hamlet leaves her. Slowly everyone she loves is drifting away and she feels that is because she didnt listen to her father and brother about protecting her virginity before, so now she is suffering the consequences.In this scene, she is specifically singing about how Hamlet did not keep his promise of marrying her after they had slept together. Young men will dot if they come tot,/ By cock, they are to blame, she explains. In other words, she is saying that men will have sex whenever they have the opportunity. With the phrase by cock, they are to blame, she is saying that the cock represents the vulgar corruption of God because they are the ones who take a womans virginity. Furthermore, Hamlet does not want to marry Ophelia anymore because she isnt a virgin and all men want to marry a woman who is pure and untouched. Ophelias madness in this scene expresses how losing her virginity led her to insanity because she was incapable of dealing with losing all of her loved ones.Additionally, she loses any respect that she had, along with her social status, because she has done something that is completely unacceptable for a young woman to do in such a society in that time. All of this ultimately causes Ophelia to take her own life as a way to end the chain reactions of heartbreak and misery that she has had to experience, all because she decided to go and lose her virginity to Hamlet. In conclusion, Shakespeare uses the patriarchal system to suggest mens ability to manipulate women, and ultimately gives an explanation of the reactions to mens misogynistic behavior towards women. Common stereotypes of women gravely impact womens detection of themselves and shape women to fit under certain archetypes in a patriarch-run society. Misogyny destructively affects the fate of Woman and, slowly but surely, leads to the deterioration of her idea of self and identity.

Federalist Argument for Ratification of the Constitution

Federalist Argument for Ratification of the composing November 18, 2010 Ameri stands, prior to and shortly after(prenominal)(prenominal) the Revolutionary War, were strongly united under one opinion. The common depression that America ought to be an independent state, with its own system of government can be found in the literature of each and e precise colony. However, after the failure of the first governing document, the Articles of fusion, delegates met in Philadelphia in order to draft a better functioning genius. In this debate, the opinion of America short became divided.On one side were the supporters of the proposed paper (Federalists) and on the early(a) the opponents (Anti-Federalists). The Federalists urged their fellow delegates and the ground for the establishment of a consolidated federal official government that gets its power from an driving constitution. The reason behind this position was none other than the failure of the Articles of Confederation. Al though the cardinal sides dis concur over the role and authority of the federal government, they did hold one issue in common the Articles of Confederation were inadequate and threatened the preservation of the union.The Anti-Federalists believed that the flaws of the Articles of Confederation could be fixed by amendments while the Federalists combated that claim by suggesting that the sensible defects that exist in the articles cannot be repaired and thus a new, more energetic, constitution mustiness be drafted. Additionally, the Anti-Federalists sought to support the Articles of Confederation because they believed that there be more problems introduced by the newly proposed constitution.They argued that the document would establish an untested motley of government and they maintained that the Framers of the Constitution were an elitist group that had met in secrecy in order to empower moneyed few. The Federalists refuted the claims of their opponents in a series of es formu lates that underlined the quest central ideas the benefit of the union to the colonies defense of democracyanism in the newly proposed constitution and the necessity of an energetic, proficient federal government. As previously stated, both sides agreed that the Articles of Confederation ere incapable of preserving the union. However, the Anti-Federalists believed in confederated government made up of base republics (as it existed prior to the check of the Constitution). If the throng are to give their assent to the laws, by persons elect and appointed by them, the manner of the choice and the number chosen, must be such, as to possess, be disposed, and consequently measure up to declare the sentiments of the people for if they do not know, or are not disposed to spill the beans the sentiments of the people, the people do not govern, but the sovereignty is in a few.Now, in a oversized extended country, it is impossible to have a representation, possessing the sentiments, and of integrity, to declare the minds of the people, without having it so numerous and unwieldly, as to be subject in great measure to the inconveniency of a democratic government (Hammond, Hardwick, & international ampere Lubert, 2007, p. 538). agree to their argument, small republics preserve liberty best because citizens of small republics know the elected officials on a personal level and it is this intimate connection that assures respect of the law.A confederation of states allows for the existence of states that reflect their constituents. In a plumping republic there will be many opinions and laws will be weaken by the number of opinions. This can create conflict and threaten the union. In Federalist 10, James Madison disproves this claim by stating the Federalist belief that large republics pull in better candidates and a majority that is more inclusive to existing minorities. In the next place, as each representative will be chosen by a greater number of citizens in the l arge than in the small republic, it will be more difficult for unworthy candidates to charge with success the vicious arts by which elections are too practically carried and the suffrages of the people being more free, will be more credibly to centre in men who possess the most attractive deserve and the most diffusive and established characters (Hammond, Hardwick, & Lubert, 2007, p. 465).Madison reasons that in a large state the number of voters and candidates is greater therefore the probability of electing a qualified representative is also greater. In a small republic candidates foot race in election can fool voters easier than in a large republic. Thus, Madison, in contrast to the Anti-Federalists, saw the large size of the United States as a help rather than a hindrance to the cause of liberty. delinquent to these qualities of large republics the salvation of the union would be facilitated.Federal inability to enforce laws on the states rents the Federalists to desir e an energetic constitution that gave the government more authority and the apparatuses incumbent to enforce its sovereignty. Under the Articles of Confederation, states were left to enforce federal law. Alexander Hamilton, in Federalist 15, argues that this practice in theory their resolutions concerning those objects are laws, constitutionally binding on the members of the Union, yet in practice they are mere recommendations which the States observe or disregard at their option (Hammond, Hardwick, & Lubert, 2007, p. 472).Furthermore, he expands on federal powers and tools needed for enforcement in Federalist 23. In defense of the necessary and proper clause of the Constitution, Hamilton states that because it is impossible to foresee or define the extent and variety of study exigencies, or the correspondent extent and variety of the means which may be necessary to satisfy them (Hammond, Hardwick, & Lubert, 2007, p. 478). The new constitution would enable to federal govern ment to implement its authority over members of the union. In a federalist location this is a necessary improvement for the security of the union.If the national government is given up responsibilities then it ought to also have the tools needed to carry out those responsibilities. The miss of clear and complete separation between the executive, legislative and judicial bodies was viewed by the Anti-Federalist as a reintroduction of a monarchial and tyrannical regime. James Madison, on the other hand, reasoned that the best government of the time, as it existed in Britain, and all of the colonies already practiced the identical overlapping of powers that was found in the proposed constitution.In Federalist 48, Madison argues that it is this very overlapping of authority that preserves the separation of powers The conclusion which I am warranted in drawing from these observations is, that a mere demarcation on diploma of the constitutional limits of the several departments, is n ot a sufficient guard against those encroachments which lead to a tyrannical concentration of all the powers of government in the same hands (Hammond, Hardwick, & Lubert, 2007, p. 494).He believed that his opponents had read Montesquieu but had not understood his supposition of separation of powers clearly. According to Montesquieu, tyranny results when one branch of government concurrently holds the powers of another branch. However, Madison argues that Montesquieu did not mean that these departments ought to have no overtone agency in, or no control over, the acts of each other (Hammond, Hardwick, & Lubert, 2007, p. 490). Thus, the above claim enabled the Federalists to sufficiently settle the argument on this issue.As shining as the Federalist Papers were they were not the sole reason that the proposed constitution was ratified. Nevertheless, they assisted the constitutions cause by giving the constitutions adherents ideas with which to counter their opposition. The Ant i-Federalist outcry was not without its effects. With the ratification of the Constitution state legislatures voted for the addition of the first ten amendments. The Bill of Rights, as it came to be known, became an essential part of the document and its legacy of liberty.The ratification of the Constitution not only changed the political culture but also the social. curtly after its approval, American experienced a social shift as well. Citizens no longer saw themselves as only Virginians or natural Yorkers instead they became something larger than that, they became American first and the rest as they say is history.Works Cited Hammond, S. , Hardwick, K. , & Lubert, H. (2007). Classics of american political & constitutional thought. Indianapolis Hackett create Company, Inc.

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An Analyses of “When the Saints Go Marching in”

Kevin Fickel MUSC 105. 003 An Analysis of When the Saints Go Marching In The origins of When the Saints deplete never been fully explained in modern times. It was accreditedly written as a Negro Spiritual hymn sometime near the graduation of the 20th century. On written music, composers usually nonate it as a traditional piece, but the identity of the original author remains up for debate.Some sources claim that the original lyrics of When the Saints were penned by Katherine Pervis and put to music by crowd sorry in 1896, but many scholars forthwith believe that Pervis and Blacks composition was a completely different piece of music due to it universe titled When the Saints Are Marching In. Regardless, the original lyrics contain many spiritual references, particularly to heaven and the coming of paragons kingdom.In one of the verses, the author writes Oh when the trump sounds its call, oh when the trumpet sounds its call, I wish to be in that number, when the trumpet so unds its call, which is a reference to a transition in the book of Revelations, located in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. The passage describes the sounding of seven trumpets by angels of heaven. Each trumpet brings active a specific catastrophic event upon the realness below, which is fill with those who were not taken in to heaven at the onset of the worlds end.Other references to things such as the moon turns red with blood and when the invigorated world is revealed are tied in with the end of days expound in Revelations, which the author describes a desire to avoid by being in heaven. Though the original lyrics describe dark and unfortunate events, today When the Saints has a positive connotation attached to it. When it is performed in modern times, it is at a much troubleder stride and the melody swings at an infectiously catchy pace.This change started probably due to a trend that originated in New Orleans that consisted of inserting a verse that discussed h ow a former adorer or relative had died, moved away, or was estranged from them and how they desired to represent them again, often in the next life (i. e. heaven). In one of the soonest know recordings of When the Saints, the blues artist Barbeque Bob sings I had a dear old m new(prenominal)wise, shes gone on to heaven I know, I promised the Lord Id meet her, when the Saints go borderland in. The belief that a one will be able-bodied to reunite with all of their loved ones who feel passed away before them, match with an image of heaven as eternal paradise for a reason instills hope in an individual. Taking this into account may explain the prevalence of bands performing When the Saints in New Orleans funeral marches. It may be that in the culture of New Orleans a funeral is not only a place for mourning the dead, but also a time to lionise the deceaseds passing into eternal paradise.Thus, When the Saints began a transformation from a solemn hymn to an upbeat funeral piec e and then to one of the close to famous jazz songs of all time. This transformation is quite staggering. When the song was starting signal written, there was no recording technology that enabled its original form to be preserved. Barbeque Bob performed the earliest recording of When the Saints in the early twentieth century. His rendition is performed on acoustic guitar and has a very resigned tempo with the boilersuit notion of the piece being one that fosters reflection.This style was probably interpretive program of the standard way to play the piece at the time and close to likely remained so until Louis Armstrong recorded his rendition of When the Saints in the format that more or less people recognize. Armstrong played When the Saints at a much faster tempo than Barbeque Bob and with a more upbeat and fun tone and with a full band featuring trombones, drums, a string bass, trumpet, clarinet, and several other instruments. Armstrongs rendition ushered in the more common rendition of When the Saints that emulates his fast tempo and upbeat tone.Armstrong also created a way of playing When the Saints that allowed for passages of improvisation, a mainstay in jazz music. The strophic form of the verses and running bass allows for other instruments to take turns improvising before returning to the original melody. However, this also caused When the Saints to become a more secular piece as it lost its previously sacral themes and lyrics. In a duet between Louis Armstrong and Danny Kaye, the lyrics previously talking about the end of days and joining with others in heaven are replaced with a series of clever puns of the names of famous classical composers.This shows the shift of When the Saints from a sacred hymn mean to inspire to a song intended to entertain. Instead of being played in church sanctuaries, it mostly is performed at concerts by ensembles not affiliated with any particular church. In earshot to different recordings of this timeless piece that I myself have performed a hardly a(prenominal) times in my life, I was most surprised to learn that When the Saints was not always an upbeat jazz piece. Hearing the evolution of this song by the various recordings was very interesting. I can say that I have a newfound interest in this piece that was not there before.

Creative educational tools Essay

We visualise and develop germinal educational tools that provoke inspirational bodily process and bring positive recurring stimuli for children in their learning process and creative play. We believe on the power of creative education. Innospark Our team has chosen Innospark, Lithuania, which is rattling a forward-looking comp whatever who produces educational toys for young children. Education is in truth important aspect of each persons life, especi exclusively toldy in this century, so having the children jumpstart their educational journey in the early age is real important. festering bigger, becoming a competitor on the Lithuanian market, Innospark decides to go outdoors the topical anesthetic market and adjourn a leak a receive on opposite European markets. Us being able to hire the market we came to correspondence to hurl 2 markets, first Poland and second, Scandinavia. Considering that Poland is unrivaled of EUs ready developing countries, which in what ever case has a lot of investors coming from around the do chief(prenominal) and where the middle income is climb uping rapidly, we decided that Innospark would stomach a big chance in conquering the Polish market fast.Also at that place is c lag to no competition on the market, on their particular output. Scandinavia on the new(prenominal) hand is developed and open for new companies, giving them new opportunities. even so though, in that respect is oneness actual competitor, Innospark has different variant of products which can behind compete with the former(a)s. Our decision on the gate mode is contain export. It is easy to implement in sm every(prenominal)er countries, trade barriers be dishonord to minimum, beca using up all the countries argon EU members and with child(p) requirement is limited. The potential of getting cabbage argon spaciouser, because of the intermediaries are eliminated. All aspects of the transaction are controlled by us. We hump who are nodes are, our customers eff who we are and lineage trips are much(prenominal) streamlined and effective with meeting the customers face to face, for more than confidence and trust.Customer dealing are one of the most important part, they give feel more confident and secure with our product, once we establish the worming liaison with them. We to a fault control to call for a total control over the negotiations and transactions, also the patents, secure and trademarks. For future tense plans we are considering bigger improvements and expansions on the markets. We also considered about terce employees with standard salary (Poland), proximately 410 euros, which is a normal salary for Poland. Advertisement for our product bequeath be throughout the internet.First the webpage of Innospark and the possibility of Facebook, opening a page is free and getting more customers leave behind be high-speed and easier, we also would be able to advertise our page with a very l ow cost.1. Market SegmentationAs stated in the prior section, the market has been segmented by Innospark into two distinct customers, i.e. individuals and businesses. Individuals The purchases made by this segment are usually single purchases for own kids or individual known to the individual customer. The demographics of this segment can be classified as An average household income of 1500 EurosParents have high aspirations for children with respect to education and knowledge Businesses This category includes business clients who buy toys for children. These clients are also organizations such as day-care, as well as school-based organizations uniform pre-school and/or nursery. This segment usually caters for seven to twenty tail fin children.2. Target Market Segment dodgeExporting is a method of increasing gross sales potential for businesses. To go international, a confederation does not need to be big in size or have a huge marketing department. The Lithuanian market re presents enough sales potential for Innospark. However, it is important for the firm to grow and the solitary(prenominal) way to do so is by exploiting the untapped markets, one of them being Poland. As per Euromonitor, the traditional toys and games market in Poland has been dominated by global brands for many a(prenominal) years by companies such as Lego, Hasbro, Mattel and Simba. These companies have dictated general trends in the Poland toys market. This indicates that the Poland toys market represents a good opportunity for Innospark since consumers seem to be accepting global brands. Apart from increasing the customer base, exporting would also mean increase market percentage, and therefore increase gainability by lowering per unit cost. As per a general trend, an average order from international customer is often larger as compared to that from a domestic buyer.This means that exporting its toys can result in an increase in Innosparks perceived size and stature. Additio nally, it go out also improve its competitive position, as compared to other similar-sizedstartups in its sector. Through return in business, Innospark may also look at overseas licensing, franchising, or may even set up its intersection unit in Poland. Additionally, the educational toys that Innospark is offering are very unique and innovative in nature. This opportunity can be exploited by commanding greater profit margins in Poland than in Lithuania. Although Lithuania helped the export-oriented economy in avoiding exchange-rate fluctuation by pegging the Lithuanian currency (the Lithai) to the Euro in 2002, other fluctuations in the economy and business cycles cannot be avoided altogether.Diversifying the market is therefore a feasible option for Innospark to reduce the risks. Also, exporting the products to Poland entrust help put the idle capacity at work, which provide help Innospark to enjoy pure economies of scale with toys that are more global in scope. These products are also most likely to have a wide-cutr range of acceptance globally in the long venting when Innospark grows and penetrates into other markets. From consumer point of view, Innospark volition have to make sure that it offers products of the highest role at a competitive price in Poland.If it becomes roaring as an exporter, chances are highly likely that the educational toys will have increased acceptance in Poland as well due to Innosparks heightened expertness and focus on product quality. Lastly, Innospark also stands to gain from the export activities by a potential gain of knowledge. The myriad experiences and gain of info on new technologies, marketing ideas and product line extension that it will have in Poland can help Innospark to improve and grow not only its export business, still also the domestic business.3. Entry modeAs both countries (Lithuania and Poland) are part of EU, trade barriers are minimal. With reference to this discipline two the most attractive ways for Innospark to unveiling the new market has been selectedIndirect exportsDirect exportsCriteriaIndirect exportsDirect exportsImplementationFind an export agent or freight forwarder from Poland, which could handle exporting and would be prudent for coordinating, could be a good choice, as local employees know their firm market (customers needs, ways to attract them) get around. Directly export products to customers (could be sweepingrs or individual consumers) which are interested in purchasing them, without any intermediaries. This could lead to a recrudesce representation and protection of companys trademark.Involvement in processRequires minimal involvement in exporting process. The company would be trusty only for finding any figure of intermediary (export agent or export managing company, freight forwarder, etc.).In that way Innospark would be able to continuously concentrate on Lithuanias market and at the same fourth dimension increase its market share in Polan d. Requires utmost involvement in exporting process as company becomes liable for developing understanding of a marketplace, handling logistics of shipment, collecting any kind of holdments that might be needed to be paid, implementing support service. The market share in Poland might increase greater however, domestic market would be a little bit neglected.RiskAlmost none. This is the lift out way to field-test export potential for certain products. It might come along that it takes more time, money, energy than company is able to afford.ResponsibilityIntermediary would be responsible for failures, because indirect export requires minimal involvement in processes there would always be someone to point the finger at if something went wrong, or not the way it was expected. The Innospark would be accoun put back for its failures. Being responsible for all exporting process will demand more effort from each level of the company.Potential profitsProfits would be lower.Profits wou ld be greater.ControlCompany would lose control over foreign sales because of the intermediarys existence in the exporting-selling process. Company would have a bettercontrol of all phases of the transaction (ex. Shipment, selling, etc.)Contact with customersInnospark would have no direct hand with its customers. As a result, company might lose the opportunity to get to know the evolving needs of the consumers. Innospark would have direct contact with its customers. As a result, not only company will be able to get to know its customers and their needs, but also customers will know who Innospark is.Business tripsBusiness trips might seem useless as company would be step removed from actual transaction because only intermediary would be able to know the latest information. Business trips would be efficient, utile and informative. There would be an opportunity to meet customers responsible for representing the products of the company.Long-term goalsIf all at once the long-term outl ook and goals of the company change, the reorientation of the company will be harder as production would already be in someone elses hands. The reorientation would be easier as the Innospark would be the only unit responsible for exporting production of the company to Poland.As it is clearly microscopical from the table above direct exports has both, advantages and disadvantages. Analogue situation is with indirect exports. However, because the one of the main concerns on which is based the decision which launching mode should be selected, is contact with customers, the advantages of direct exports had outweighed advantages of indirect exports.With reference to information mentioned previously, the suggested entry mode for Innospark to entry Poland market is Direct exports. The Innospark will focus on two types of consumers during this entry Individual consumers (ex. parents, grandparents, aunts, etc.) Wholesale consumers (ex. kindergartens, daycare centers, etc.) The main and mo st important promontory is why? Why consumers are such an essential part of the entry mode? The table below should answer this question.ReasonExplanationConsequences kick downstairs marginsDespite the occurrence that sales scope will be smaller, margins will be higher.More profitCloser contact with customersStronger relationships which lead to allegiance will be developed by selling directly to customers, excluding any kind of intermediaries. This will form a more accurate feedback better knowledge about evolving consumers needs. Products that satisfies consumers needs better Customers loyalty Word of address advert Increase in the market share More profit More efficiencyFewer layers involved in statistical distributionSimpler managing of the distribution processesFuture plansInnospark will sell direct to the consumers and also to wholesaler purchasers, who will be responsible for representing the trademark and the products of the company. While this entry mode (Direct exp ort) creates more work for Innospark in terms of generating sales, it provides better margins. Additionally, this process will be more costly, having in mind not only money, but also time and energy, for the first few years however, once loyal relationships will be developed with individual consumers as well as the wholesale purchasers, the marketing expenses will decrease extremely as the customers become known with the Innosparks extraordinary and exclusive products and continue to make purchases. What is more, loyal customers will not only constantly acquire products, but also issue them to their friends, family members, etc. company will get free word of lecture advertising.4. Industry AnalysisThe toy industry in Poland is characterized by many different domestic toy manufacturers (ex. TUBAN, KANWIL) also as global manufacturers who exports their production to the country (ex. Mattel, LEGO). Nevertheless, there is aniche of educational toys which Innospark can take advantage from as this niche is quite new (within the last five years) and more legitimized nowadays comparing to the situation ten years past when it was believed that toy cant have any educational cling to it was assumed that toy is just a meaningless way to cheer children giving parents a brake from parenthood. Only recently it was proved that there are some special designed toys which not only attracts childrens attention but also teach them constructrive skills at the same time as develop their imagination and ability to concentrate. It would be a great opportunity for Innospark to establisth itself while this niche is not overloaded.As it is clearly visible from the table above, competitors mainly focus is on eco-friendly wooden toys or constructors. Innospark would be like a gust of the fresh air in the Polands market with its creative solutions appliedto make outstanding educational toys and wide assortment of the products.5. Staffing policyWe decided to start with Warsaw and hir e local staff, because, introducing our product, advertising will be more efficient in capital city than in other small towns. The minimum salary will be 405 and more, depending on the work level (Minimum wage in Poland is 404,16 ). The salary will be transferred to their accounts which also can be opened by us in one particular bank, which will be better for the company for not loosing money in transferring etc. We also will have 3 employees, till we expend on the market. Decision is to use local staff.ReasonsLocal employees and managers know more of the local market and therefor can build reliable and trustful relationships with the customers. Local customers may opt interactions with local employees and managers due to the common cultural background and lack of vocabulary barriers. Local managers and employees working together can increase employees morale, work satisfaction, organizational commitment and as a result effective performance. 6. Marketing outline (business prec is)The business scheme will point out the fact that products are absolutely educational tools that are entertaining. This is a meaningful message because parents will desire their kids to play with this kind of toy. The essential feature of the toy, in the product is used to make the kids bound with the product, something mostly hard to do with most educational tools. Innospark create ideas in our minds and develop creative educational devices that provokes developmental activity and makes positive recurring stimulation for kids in their poring over process and creative play. Innospark trust in the capability of tending(p) education. Cleverness- clever person is a curious explorer. Lets create a place where creativity grows Hopes, goals- the first years of childrens life are most important time in the egress of hopes. Lets have the hopes high.Permitting- a kid so deeply wants to believe his or her wishes can come true. It is our job to help thembuild a smack of inner confidence, fearlessness and toughness. Progress- cleverness has developed into a highly wanted skill in the century. It is an important building block for changes in business, history and nowadays life. Lets grow clever The business scheme will identify and describe for the fact that there are two definite client groups that must be drawn attention to. To take the awareness of both groups sees that the groups are very dissimilar despite the fact that they are buy identical product. (http// Innospark will use direct mailings and advertisements. Innopark is a new company, is a little two years old, so for the beginning we recommend choose the Innospark website (http// be used like the main tool to spread the product. It will be a flashy and productive way of spreading information regarding and its product. The site will be divided in two fields, one for general information and the other for dealers/traders. The second part will have greater occur of information outside business information like stock. Also, Innospark as a new company, choose the Internet as a cheaper and more effective your advertising apparel and corporate types. To ensure the effective promotion of the hunting results, one of the ways to register Google AdWords. Next would be placement of advertisements in various, customary international social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. cordial networks provide advertisements wide spread not only the Internet but also Internet users communicating with each other, as well as commenting on a product on the Internet, writing reviews, etc.Often, when choosing a product, service or business other peoples reviews are crucial selection. Homegrown web sites the opportunity to advertise, is the largest news portals.Like the ad placement site, an important aspect of creating their advertisements, is to choose the advertising audience. Audience determined to overhaul at end-customers, which is a very import ant part of a successful advertising campaign. The website business scheme is easy to understand and clear, have the webpage shortcuts on all available materials as well as mention it in all talks with clients. To make it easy to find for greater amount of people. Will add the site to more spacious extent of search engineers so even if a specific customer is not communicate of but has knowledge of the product category, they will still be pointed to site. 6.1 gross revenue strategy (Marketing scheme)The marketing scheme will be adjusted for all(prenominal) client group. The marketing scheme for individuals is to make plenty knowledge of. So that clients are asking their dealers to carry for them. To address the marketing part it is future plan that the businesses are not just purchasing one or two of the items but that they are purchasing entire products addressing dissimilar abilities, all of which are valuable. In most cases this is particularly valuable as businesses duplicate clients, meaning that if buyer is satisfied with the bought item, they will probably become a long term clients and not search for other dealers. 6.2 Operations strategy (Action plan)Will make manufacture widely popular of all of its products. We choose the publicizing system for many reasons None of them have been involved in manufacturing actionPopularizing will lower the cost to smallest amount, making all products cost variable Popularizing will make it available for the business team to pay more attention on marketing and new product growth Minimizing the possible financial dangers by not committing to the cost of a manufacturing forwardness Making business plans sales grow biggerBibliographyDelaney, L. (2014). About Money. Retrieved from http// http// Innospark. (2012, December). Innospark. Retrieved from http// / Martins, R. (2014, November 28). Poland. Retrieved from http// http// (2014). Country Reports. Retrieved from http// http// (2014). Retrieved from http// http//

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Conceal to Open Carry

When it comes to the right to openly carry, many an(prenominal) feel its the right subject to pass the OCW law In Wisconsin for a law abiding citizen to truly carry a hide out weapon. A normal citizen would feel jeopardize if he or she encounters a individual who is legally carrying a art object in public. And a convicted felon or an citizen who does non possess a permit to carry might feel threatened by a citizen who carries his flamer legally when he or she encounters that individual and might pose a threat to that individual or himself to protect their self.With the recent uprising in raving mad offensive this year due to the recent drop of the economy, Wisconsin should not have a Concealed Carry Law as it would sum up the already too many guns that atomic number 18 on the street and increase the odds of more gun violence. This bring out of open carry a concealed weapon Is becoming an alarming topic In Wisconsin and In Illinois which feel that al humbleding this law w ill help in the decrease of untrained crime.However, with the recent reports of the top ten cities which have the lowest poverty reckon shows that they have a steady rate In violent crime. ND the robbery rate Is astounding. The threat of the latest release of the major cities that is experiencing a drastic drop of poverty are experiencing a rise of robberies and a steady pace of gun violence with the fact that Milwaukee, WI are noticing a rise in violent crime in 2010, hence the crime rate was at its lowest in five years in 20091.The recent uprising of robberies and homicides In Milwaukee are making red flags go offer Legislatures to try to constitute on what can be through so that this recent rise does not continue. In addition, with the big issue of straw buying and open gun shows that with the right to be sufficient o purchase art objects without having to go through any background checks hand over the right for many illegal firearms to purchase and used in violent crimes. E ven though the rate of violent crime in many of the major cities are declining with a great rate the rise of homicides and shootings are rising.In cities such as Detroit. Philadelphia, the State of Ohio and SST. Louis are noticing a rise in gun shootings which do authorize the right to conceal carrying a firearm (Concealed Carry Laws and Homicide Rates). The legislature of gun laws feel that the right to conceal carry can help eliminate Eileen crime and most states shows a decline In violent crime that firearms are used entirely for the major cities that actually permits open carry are still having their deal out of increase in violent crime.Since 1999 when the US experienced a 30-year low in violent crime, most of these major cities have experienced a dramatic Increase In gun violence. bit permitted concealed carrying starting signal in September 2003. Since then the murder rate in Missouri has gone up 8. 8% while the rate of rape has move up DAY 14 2 http//city. Milwaukee. Go b/Deliberativeness/201 October/Policemen)-Reports-11- Straight-Quarter. HTML

Equality, Diversity and Rights within Health and Social Care Essay

Sex variety be 1975This second applies for twain custody and wo workforce. It promotes that both men and women should be tempered get it on toly. For physical exercise, in transport, education, jobs and so forth It promotes anti- prejudiced send by fashioning authoritative those men and women atomic number 18 hardened as, if this act applies didnt exist, men and women may be deprived of certain(prenominal) choices. This act includes each discrimination once more(prenominal)st homosexual marriages or civil partnerships, either discrimination against pregnant women and maternity leave, in addition ab unwrap equal contain for both men and women.Disability discrimination act 2005This act applies to each(prenominal) atomic number 53 that has more or less sort of disability. This act is in place to foster alter pot against discrimination both in employment and when using a dish up or facility. For example, anyone with a disability should incur the wish opp ortunities in run for or learning places such as school, colleges or universities. In new(prenominal) places such as shops and banks, and to overly make sure that they atomic number 18 case-hardened fairly when they go somewhere to eat or drink, such as restaurants or pubs. Public transport services wealthy person to make sure trains buses, etc. are accessible and gather in the right facilities for anyone with a disability. The government activity has implemented the legislation in three phases.Phase 1 in 1996 made it dirty to treat dis commensurated mess less favorably because of their disability. Phase 2 in 1999 obliged businesses to make reasonable ad beneficialments for disabled mental faculty, like providing support or equipment. They also live with to start fashioning changes to the way they provide their services to customers, for example providing bank statements in sizeable print. Phase 3 from October 2004, businesses may build to make physical alterations to their expound to traverse access barriers. The example passel most readily deliberate of of is installing ramps for wheelchair users.M2For this task, I am assess the influence of one upstart national policy initiative promoting anti-discriminatory serve on a specific setting. at that place are variant policies promoting discriminatory practice simply I am going to explain the psychogenic wellness act and the kind capacity act 2005. The cordial health act 1983, amended again in 2007, with the rational capacity act is a basic postulate for slew in the do by industry to follow to protect the rights of people with some sort of a affable disability and with the main accusive is for them to check the best effective divvy up and move on-and-take. The mental health act 1983 is a substantial framework for anyone who is operative within fright and working with people with a mental health terminus. This initiative provides a synthetical format which stabilities b oth the law and legal principles in order for mental health workers to come to a settled judgement about soulfulnesss health. This act was amended again in 2007 because there was various reports in which abuse and neglect was suspected and wherefore found out in some mental health institutions, which are branded with discrimination.The however reason that this act was amended was to protect the service users from abuse and discrimination by providing a straight-forward guideline in which all health care professionals must follow to protect the perseverings from discrimination. The importance of this act is to ensure that people are receiving an effective service with boundaries and laws to protect the individuals exposure and maximising their safety and well-being and most importantly protecting them from any harm. Since the act was amended there has been a signifi smoket reduction in the amount of cases that have been reported of abuse and any death.Patients have been tough w ith more respect and dignity and these patients have now the opportunity non to be discriminated as the act now instructs how and what measures would be taken to protect a service user. However despite this piece of legislation the study issue of perception and preconception against mentally ill patients still exists. This act however does non cover any discrimination within the confederation but still covers it when admitted into hospital. This also connects to the equality act 2010 as it makes it illegal to discriminate directly or indirectly against mortal with a mental health condition within public services and functions, access to any premises,work, education, associations, and finally transport.D1For this task, I am going to evaluate the success of the upstart initiative in promoting anti-discriminatory practice.I am going to evaluate the mental health act 1983 and how the acts initiatives promotes anti-discriminatory practice and I am also going to compare the amended version in 2007 and how this has promoted anti-discriminatory practice and how it has improved peoples peppys. The mental health act was created in 1983 to make society as fair as possible but it also has had some negative areas. The act says about the removal of people with mental disorders. This could be seen as discrimination e.g. marginalisation because you would be making someone face isolated from society and feel as if they could non be part of that certain part of the community. This act is purely to dish up and protect those with mental health issues and safeguard those around them. This act was updated from 2001 and finalised in 2007 because the language used in the act was changed. Also issues, treatments on contrastive conditions and treatment turn outs and condition tests were altered additionally.The language was changed in the act because it consequently more politically more correct as no one likes the idea of being removed from society. The aim of the act in 2007 is to break bulge out people more choice in animation, to receive fair and equal opportunities so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle and have a good life with a career etc. condition 4 of the act intrigues to me because of the language used to change the fact that it could come across as discrimination.Impairment in separate words fashion abnormality which could come across as belligerent to those who suffer with psychological disorders, this wherefore would present them as lesser and whence more apt(predicate) to prejudice comments. However the word impairment implies that someone isnt able to lead a normal life and in some cases that is untrue. recently the government has canvassed through radio and posters to convince the public that there is zipper wrong with having any psychological disorders, and these people shouldnt be marginalised. approximately people use the word mental disorder when describing someone with a mental health bother because it again le ads these people tobe marginalised and have prejudice thoughts about them all the time. Additionally, these certain people do have amazing talents, have successful lives and have a normal life because their society has been taught antithetical. The main changes in 2007 was the language and format of the ac and how procedures and treatment are carried out. An example of this would be that the words psychiatric disorder, mental illness = and mental impairment were exchanged with mental illness. This was through with(p) because then it doesnt categorise each person into a different group and it being changed to mental illness it applies to all disabilities and disorders of the mind. They have also created new roles of nurses, psychologists and other health professionals to baffle an approved mental health professional (AMHP).This is when people are specifically handy in numerous different ways to promote anti-discriminatory practice. The amendments made in 2007 were originally s ibylline to change the accurate 1983 act but members of parliament voted against this because the new amendments freed the treatability test to allow clinicians to access individuals appropriately and professionally beforehand creating the correct treatment and care. Even though the act has been prosperous in some ways there have been certain issues and provocative issues on why the entire act wasnt improved or why it needed to be improved. Not only was that but in 1983, the government unsuccessful to field their targets regarding treatment, equality in society and diversity. It also miscarried to reduce the amount of individuals execrable with mental disorders.P5For this task, I will describe at least quintuplet ways in which anti-discriminatory practice is promoted in health and social care settings. In a health and social care setting, for example, the care for shoes I work in (for confidential reasons I can non reveal the raise of it), there are various ways in which ant i-discriminatory practice is promoted.The cardinal ways are at that place is a variety of bill of fares and food usable for anyoneThere is wheelchair access all-round the main officeThere is diverse staffWe do not discriminateWe always promote an individuals rights.The chef and kitchen staff always have the thought of the religious beliefs and health of the residents when preparing breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack for them. For example, in the nursing theater I work in, the majority of residents are of Jewish belief, but there are also Catholics. So if there was roast pork on the transportation for lunch, the Jewish residents could have the choice to pick and choose what they would want for lunch. With this menu they could have roast chicken or beef, or even something exclusively different like a sandwich or an omelette. The kitchen staff think about a residents health condition as well because e.g. there is a man in my nursing home that cannot chew proper food and is also diabet ic. For his lunch (if it was roast pork again), they could have a minced dinner with everything else (e.g. vegetables/potatoes). Then for his dessert, he could choose amidst the diabetic pudding, which is a baked apple, diabetic ice cream, or a yogurt. I believe this promotes anti-discriminatory practice because they always think about the residents before preparing anything for them which includes their diet.There is wheelchair access throughout the whole home. The doors have been in particular considerable to fit wide wheelchairs, there are stair lifts for anyone who cannot walk down them or need the help of the wheelchair to get them down. There is always the choice of going down in our lift which goes to each floor of the home. There is also ramps coming into and out of the home so it doesnt forego anyone from not coming in. I believe this promotes anti-discriminatory practice because we dont stop anyone from not coming in for going from a to b. There is a variety of staff w orking within the nursing home I work in. The majority of the staff would be eastern European girls, but there is also a lot of African/ due west Indian/Caribbean staff within my work. Additionally there are a lot of Asian men and women working in the home and astonishingly there are 3 people who are fully British that work in our home, whether be in power in the home, in the caring side and the kitchen side.I believe this promotes anti-discriminatory practice because our home doesnt reject someone from being part of our little family because we believe we cant stop someone from being part of our family (within reason). In my nursing home, we always ensure that we treat people in a various(prenominal) way. Some behaviour from a carer or a nurse could bemisunderstood and seen as if they are patronising the resident because of a condition they may have. Always as a carer/nurse one of my roles would be to make any judgement on what may or may not be happening. I have to always listen to the patient or service user if there is any sort of job and see how a problem that could be happening could be resolved, then I would have to take appropriate swear out and monitor the side carefully.I believe this promotes anti-discriminatory practice because we do not want to be dis-respectful to anyone who is using our service. Promoting an individuals rights can be met in numerous different ways such as if a person has any learning or speaking difficulties, it would be my responsibility or someone in powers responsibility to get help for the service user and this could destine getting an advocate to help the resident portray what they wanted to say. all(prenominal) service users should be made to feel as if they are retributive as important as everyone else in the home and be treated with the same amount of respect. I believe this promotes anti-discriminatory practice because we do not stop anyone from being what they want or getting what they want unless because the y have a learning/speaking difficulties or even pass difficulties.M3 and D2For this task, I will discuss at least three difficulties that may arise when implementing anti-discriminatory practice in health and social care settings and also to justify how to subjugate these difficulties. I will be putting M3 and D2 in concert as they are similar in task targets.The three difficulties I will be talking about will be locality, discrimination, and socialisation. region could be a difficulty when implementing anti-discriminatory practice because for example in a GPs functioning, and if the majority of the doctors were white, this would pose a problem as if there was a black patient they could feel uninvolved and that they are not equal as the surgery is not promoting that all races are equal by not employing doctors from other ethnic backgrounds. This difficulty could be easily deluge by employing other GPs from other ethnic backgrounds so that all the races feel includedand equal.To also overcome this, is to give more staff learn to the staff, to make sure that they would chouse how to deal with other people from other ethnic backgrounds. This therefore makes patients feel as if they are not being discriminated against. Staff training is also more effective that presenting posters that say that all patients all equal because although is shows that for example both sexes are equal, the surgery isnt actually applying that into their work. Furthermore, staff training will propose a chance to discuss possible inequalities whereas posters would suffer that option and opinion.Another difficulty that could come up when implementing anti-discriminatory practice is a health status of someone. For example, this could be a difficulty in a hospital because if a patient is in annoying and shouting racial abuse at another patient, this could either be the reason of their pain and that they are angry and have to take their anger out on a complete stranger. This could pose as a problem as the other patient who is being discriminated against and furthermore being denied of their rights because of their race.This could be overcome again by staff training, this would be teaching nurses and doctors how to neutralize a situation of anger and how they could calm down a patient easily, so they would stop being racially abusive to the other patient and this therefore would stop the patient from being discriminated against as the abuse would have been stopped. again posters would not be effective enough to stop any racial abuse as the patients would not pay enough attention to them. So therefore staff would then have to obstruct the situation and this then would be operative and be more probable to stop the judgement. socialising is another difficulty in implementing anti-discriminatory practice especially in health and social care setting. For example, in a doctors surgery if a young adult was brought up to think that men and women were not equal in their s ociety they would think this is normal whereas the society they live in is completely different. For instance, in a doctors surgery, if a woman was brought up to think that women are not equal to men and men are emend. Then if she came into her GP surgery and got the last identification of the day, and there was a man after her wanting an escort, she would then merchandise her appointment for another day even if she has a serious condition, just because she thought the man deserved it better than her. This therefor would mean that the women would have to suspend her appointment to another day, therefore her illness would deteriorate and could become even more ill than she needed to be just because she gave her appointment away to the man just because he apparently has the right to have it because of his sexual urge.Then when she does go to the doctor, the doctor would say to her she should have come to them preliminary when her illness was in the earlier stages as it would be e asier to be dealt with. To overcome this difficulty, the doctors surgery should employ more staff so that there are other appointments available. Again the staff should be trained more to advise the patients that their men and women are equal and have the same rights as everyone. This patient needs to know that she has the same opportunities as men and this problem doesnt need to prevent her from getting her appointment again or another situation in which she thinks that men are better than her and have all the advantages over her. For this case, to overcome this, the staff would just have to positively promote her rights and staff training would be more advantageous as they can address her problem specifically whereas any posters or leaflets wouldnt be paid attention to as much as someone saying it to her.For example, in a residential nursing home, if a female care worker (and she was brought up to think that men were more important than women) was working on a floor which had 10 populate all of which are occupied by residents. 7 of these residents are women like the care worker herself and the other 3 were male. It was then noticed that this care worker was putting the males priorities ahead of the womens, this is the wrong thing to do especially in a care home, just because she was brought up to think that men come always before women. This care worker is then not promoting anit-discriminatory practice, in fact she is discriminating against the women who live in the home.If this was to happen and action would need to be taken immediately because she is supposed to treat everyone equally and not as if one person is better than another. This is a problem when implementing anti-discriminatory practice because she is discriminating, however there is ways in which this problem could be overcome. There are two simple ways in which gender discrimination can be overcome in this sort of concomitant 1. You first could give a verbal orwritten warn to the female car e worker because they have done something against the rules of their job and of which they cannot break.This is a good way in which discriminatory practice can be overcome because this gives the fear to that care worker that if they do it again they could overleap their job due to putting the males priorities in front of the womens. 2. Second of all, you could give that care worker a training session on ant-discriminatory practice and how to stop discriminatory practice. This would be an effective way to overcome discriminatory practice because it teaches the individual how to behave in their job and to treat everyone as equals and not to favourite some people over others.ReferencesHealth & affectionate Care Book 1 Level 3 BTEC National series editors Beryl Stretch and Mary WhitehouseHealth & Social Care (Adults)- 3rd magnetic declination Level 3 Diploma By Yvonne Nolan

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Second Foundation 22. The Answer that was True

An unlocated room on an unlocated initiationAnd a man whose project had worked.The outset Speaker looked up at the Student, Fifty men and women, he said. Fifty martyrs They knew it meant death or immutable imprisonment and they could not even be oriented to prevent weaken since orientation might mother been detected. Yet they did not weaken. They brought the plan through, because they love the greater Plan.Might they rent been fewer? asked the Student, doubtfully.The First Speaker belatedly shook his head, It was the lower limit. Less could not possibly let carried conviction. In fact, pure objectivism would have demanded seventy-five to leave margin for error. Never mind. choose you studied the mannikin of action as worked out by the Speakers Council xv eld ago?Yes, Speaker.And compared it with actual cultivations?Yes, Speaker. thus, after a pause-I was quite amazed, Speaker.I tell apart. T here(predicate) is al elans amazement. If you knew how numerous men labor ed for how many a(prenominal) months years, in fact to bring closely the polish of perfection, you would be less(prenominal) amazed. Now tell me what happened in words. I want your translation of the mathematics.Yes, Speaker. The novel man marsha conduct his thoughts. Essenti onlyy, it was necessary for the men of the First installation to be soundly convinced that they had located and destroyed the endorse butt. In that way, there would be reversion to the int shoemakers lasted original. To all intents, address would at once again make love nothing about us include us in none of their calculations. We are hidden once more, and harmless at the cost of 50 men.And the purpose of the Kalganian war?To show the Foundation that they could beat a tangible enemy to wipe out the damage done to their self-esteem and self-assuredness by the Mule.There you are insufficient in your analysis. Remember, the population of Terminus regarded us with distinct ambivalence. They hated and envied our supposed superiority yet they relied on us implicitly for protection. If we had been destroyed before the Kalganian war, it would have meant panic throughout the Foundation. They would then never have had the courage to stand up against Stettin, when he then attacked and he would have. Only in the full flush of victory could the destruction have interpreted place with minimum ill-effects. Even waiting a year, thereafter, might have meant a too-great cooling off spirit for success.The Student nodded. I see. Then the course of history volition proceed without deviation in the focalization indicated by the Plan.Unless, tear downed out the First Speaker, further accidents, unforeseen and individual, occur.And for that, said the Student, we quiet down exist. Except- Except- One facet of the present state of affairs worries me, Speaker. The First Foundation is left with the Mind Static doodad a powerful apparatus against us. That, at least, is not as it was before.A good point. But they have no one to use it against. It has become a sterile device just as without the spur of our own menace against them, encephalographic analysis will become a sterile science. Other varieties of knowledge will once again bring more important and immediate returns. So this offset printing generation of mental scientists among the First Foundation will also be the last and, in a century, Mind Static will be a nearly forgotten item of the past.Well- The Student was calculating mentally. I suppose youre right.But what I want you most to realize, unripened man, for the sake of your future in the Council is the consideration given to the tiny intermeshings that were forced into our plan of the last decade and a half simply because we dealt with individuals. There was the demeanor in which Anthor had to create suspicion against himself in such a way that it would mature at the right time, but that was relatively simple.There was the flair in which the atmosphere was so manipulated that to no one on Terminus would it occur, unseasonablely, that Terminus itself might be the middle they were seeking. That knowledge had to be supplied to the young girl, Arcadia, who would be heeded by no one but her own father. She had to be sent to Trantor, thereafter, to make certain that there would be no premature contact with her father. Those two were the two poles of a hyperatomic motor each cosmos inactive without the other. And the switch had to be thrown contact had to be do at just the right moment. I saw to thatAnd the final date had to be handled properly. The Foundations authorize had to be soaked in self-confidence, while the fleet of Kalgan made ready to run. I saw to that, alsoSaid the Student, It seems to me, Speaker, that you I mean, all of us were counting on Dr. Darell not suspecting that Arcadia was our tool. According to my plosive consonant on the calculations, there was something like a thirty percent probability that he would so suspect. What would have happened then?We had taken care of that. What have you been taught about Tamper Plateaus? What are they? Certainly not evidence of the intro of an emotional bias. That can be done without any chance of viable detection by the most refined conceivable encephalographic analysis. A moment of Lefferts Theorem, you know. It is the removal, the cutting-out, of previous emotional bias, that shows. It must show.And, of course, Anthor made certain that Darell knew all about Tamper Plateaus.However- When can an individual be placed under crack without showing it? Where there is no previous emotional bias to remove. In other words, when the individual is a new-born infant with a blank slate of a mind. Arcadia Darell was such an infant here on Trantor fifteen years ago, when the first line was drawn into the structure of the plan. She will never know that she has been Controlled, and will be all the better for it, since her Control involved the development of a precocious and intelligent personality.The First Speaker laughed little(a)ly, In a sense, it is the irony of it all that is most amazing. For four hundred years, so many men have been blinded by Seldons words the other abate of the galaxy. They have brought their own peculiar, physical-science thought to the problem, measuring off the other end with protractors and rulers, ending up eventually either at a point in the periphery one hundred eighty degrees around the flange of the Galaxy, or back at the original point.Yet our very sterling(prenominal) risk of exposure lay in the fact that there was a practical solution based on physical modes of thought. The Galaxy, you know, is not simply a flat ovoid of any sort nor is the periphery a disagreeable curve. Actually, it is a double gyrate, with at least eighty percent of the dwell major planets on the Main Arm. Terminus is the extreme outer end of the reel arm, and we are at the other since, what is the paired end of a sp iral? Why, the center.But that is trifling. It is an accidental and irrelevant solution. The solution could have been reached immediately, if the questioners had but remembered that Hari Seldon was a social scientist not a physical scientist and adjusted their thought processes accordingly. What could black eye ends mean to a social scientist? Opposite ends on the map? Of course not. Thats the mechanical interpretation only.The First Foundation was at the periphery, where the original empire was weakest, where its civilizing make was least, where its wealth and culture were most nearly absent. And where is the social opposite end of the Galaxy? Why, at the place where the original Empire was strongest, where its civilizing influence was most, where its wealth and culture were most strongly present.Here At the center At Trantor, capital of the Empire of Seldons time.And it is so inevitable. Hari Seldon left the Second Foundation behind him to maintain, improve, and extend his work That has been known, or guessed at, for fifty years. But where could that vanquish be done? At Trantor, where Seldons group had worked, and where the data of decades had been accumulated. And it was the purpose of the Second Foundation to protect the Plan against enemies. That, too, was known And where was the source of greatest danger to Terminus and the Plan?Here Here at Trantor, where the Empire end though it was, could, for three centuries, still destroy the Foundation, if it could only have discrete to do so.Then when Trantor fell and was sacked and utterly destroyed, a short century ago, we were naturally able to protect our headquarters, and, on all the planet, the majestic Library and the grounds about it remained untouched. This was well-known to the Galaxy, but even that apparently overwhelming hint passed them by.It was here at Trantor that Ebling Mis discovered us and here that we saw to it that he did not survive the discovery. To do so, it was necessary to tell to have a normal Foundation girl defeat the terrific mutant powers of the Mule. Surely, such a phenomenon might have attracted suspicion to the planet on which it happened- It was here that we first studied the Mule and planned his crowning(prenominal) defeat. It was here that Arcadia was born and the train of events begun that led to the great return to the Seldon Plan.And all those flaws in our secrecy those gaping holes remained unnoticed because Seldon had spoken of the other end in his way, and they had interpreted it in their way.The First Speaker had long since stopped mouth to the Student. It was an exposition to himself, really, as he stood before the window, looking up at the incredible blaze of the firmament, at the huge Galaxy that was now safe forever.Hari Seldon called Trantor, Stars End, he whispered, and why not that bit of poetic imagery. All the creative activity was once guided from this rock all the apron strings of the stars led here. All roads lead to Trantor , says the old proverb, and that is where all stars end. Ten months earlier, the First Speaker had viewed those same crowding stars nowhere as crowded as at the center of that huge cluster of matter Man calls the Galaxy with misgivings but now there was a somber satisfaction on the round and ruddy face of Preem Palver First Speaker.1 All quotations from the cyclopaedia Galactica here reproduced are taken from the 116th Edition published in 1020 F.E. by the Encyclopedia Galactica Publishing Co., Terminus, with permission of the publishers.

Drug Abuse Essay

Drug debauch and addiction are major burdens to society economic costs alone are estimated to exceed a half a trillion dollars annually in the United States, including health, crime-related costs, and losings in productivity. However staggering as these numbers are, they tender a limited perspective of the devastating consequences of this disease, (Volkow, 2007 P. 2).The cost of do medicines addiction and drug abuse jackpot be staggering in todays society. 14 percent of people brought to emergency rooms at hospitals keep from alcohol or drug abuse/addiction disorders. some 20 percent of hospital costs through Medicaid are cogitate to essence abuse. $1 out of $4 is spent on Medicare inpatient care. About 70 percent of state prison and jail inmates used drugs on a regular basis. One-third of state prison growth female genital organ be accounted to drug disrespects. Since 1985 there has been an 80 percent increase in prison population. Addictions cause an economic burden on t he United States that is ii times that of diseases affecting the brain. Untreated substance addiction and abuse flush toilet have significant disruptions and costs for families (Dewey, 2008).Substance addiction and abuse can have a grave impact on society. Substance abuse and addiction can have grave effects that contribute to dear(p) mental, social, and physical health problems. Some examples include STDs, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, nipper abuse, fights, murder, and suicide (Dewey, 2008).While the manufacture, sale, transportation, and use of controlled substances are themselves fell, drugs and crimes are also linked in other ways. The addict who is so habituated to the use of misappropriated drugs that he or she steals to support the habit, the drug importer who kills a rival dealer and the wrongdoer who commits wrong act due to the stimulation provided by drugs all provide examples of how drug abuse may be linked to other forms of criminal activity. The United Sta tes Department of Justice has stated, There is extensive evidence of the muscular relationship between drug use and crime supported by a review of the evidence that can be summarized in the adjacent three points (Schmalleger, 2012 P.351).1. Drug users deal great or involvement in crime and are more likely then nonusers to have criminal records.2. People with criminal records are much more likely than others to report being drug users.3. Crimes rise in number as drug use increases (Schmalleger, 2012 P.351).Offender self-reports of jail inmates collected by BJS researchers showed the following. About 44 percent used illegal drugs in the month before the offense for which they were arrested. Roughly 30 percent used illegal drugs daily in the month before the offense. Around 27 percent used illegal drugs at the time of the offense. Cocaine and crack cocaine were the drugs most normally abused by jail inmates (Schmalleger, 2012 P.352).ReferencesDewey, William L (2008). Friends of NIDA florid (2012). Substance Abuse. Retrieved from www. Healthy, Frank. (2012). Criminology Today An Integrative Introduction, Sixth Edition.

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Common risks, threats, and vulnerabilities Essay

1. What argon some common risks, affrights, and vulnerabilities commonly found in the LAN-to-WAN Domain that must(prenominal) be mitigated through a moulded security system system? A layered security strategy go forth encompass make up protocols such as Bit mining and P2P, Unauthorized network see and probing, and unauthorized access to the network. 2. What is an Access Control List (ACL) and how is it useful in a layered security strategy? An ACL is a Control argument which will allow or deny traffic or devices ground on specifications defined in the ACL. This ACL generally is applied and configured on Firewalls. It is useful in a layered security approach because from an immaterial standpoint it become the first line of defense when hosts attempt to colligate to the network.3. What is a citadel Host? Provide an example of when a Bastion Host should be used and how. A Bastion Host is a host that is minimally configured software system firewall containing only necessary software/services. These are in any case referred to as bare metal or unaccented and is managed to be overly secure through a minimalist approach. altogether traffic coming is directed to the Bastion or screened host. outward traffic is not sent through it. The most common threat to the Bastion Host is to the operating system that is not hardened with surplus security applications.4. Provide at least two examples of how the enclave requirement to score a firewall at the mete can be accomplished. a. Placing a firewall amongst two routers and another firewall before a DMZ would be the top hat requirement choice to use 5. What is the difference between a traditional IP Stateful Firewall and a Deep Packet Inspection Firewall? a. IP Stateful firewall inspection takes place in layer 4, when traffic attempts to traverse the firewall a pass on a source port and a destination port bitstock become part of the session allowing the source to receive information. Stateful inspection firewalls put to work the vulnerability of permitting all the high numbered ports by creating a table containing the outward-bound connections and their associated high numbered port(s). b. Firewalls utilizing deep packet inspection provides enhancements to Stateful firewalls Stateful firewall is still susceptible to bombardment even if the firewall is deployed and working as it should be. By adding application-oriented logic into the hardware, essentially compounding IDS into the firewall traffic. Deep Packet Inspection uses an Attack Object Database to store protocol anomalies and attacktraffic by assemblying them by protocol and security level.6. How would you monitor for unauthorized management access attempts to tender systems? Acls and scrutinise logs can be leveraged to confirm which station is attempting to make the unauthorized connection. 7. draw off Group ID (Vulid) V-3057 in the Network IDS/IPS Implementation Guide provided by DISA? A management server is a centr alized device that receives information from the sensors or agents 8. What is the significance of VLAN 1 traffic deep down a lake herring gas pedal LAN Switch? Describe the vulnerabilities associated if it traverses across unnecessary trunk. VLAN1 traffic will contain the STP or spanning tree traffic, CDP traffic, and Dynamic trunking traffic to spend a penny a few. If unnecessary traffic traverses the trunk it could cause the switch dissymmetry causing it to go down or become inoperable.9. At what put down level should the syslog service be configured on a Cisco Router, Switch, or Firewall device? Syslogs traps should be configured at levels 0-6. Logging aim 2 10. Describe how you would see a layered, security strategy within the LAN-to-WAN Domain to support authorized remote user access eyepatch denying access to unauthorized users at the Internet ingress/ result point. To implement a layered security strategy for remote user access, we would absorb with an application b ased login, such as a VPN -SSL au whereforetication then pair it with LDAP on a radius or Tacacs+ service. LDAP is bound to combat-ready directory which will leverage Role based access controls to check group permissions.11. As defined in the Network Infrastructure Technology Overview, interpretation 8, Release 3, describe the 3 layers that can be found in the DISA Enclave mete layered security solution for Internet ingress/egress connections (i.e., DMZ or Component Flow). 3 types of layers found in the Enclave Perimeter Component Flow include the Network layer security, Application layer security and security of the actual applications themselves. 12. Which device in the Enclave Protection appliance Component Flow helps mitigate risk from users violating acceptable use and casteless websites and URL links? The Web Content Filter13. True or False. The Enclave Protection Mechanism includes both an intimate IDS and external IDS when connecting a unlikable network infrastructure to the public Internet. True, it is required to have external IDS as well as internal IDS. Requirements include having a firewall and IDS in between theinternet facing router and the internal, premise, and router. 14. True or False. Securing the enclave only requires perimeter security and firewalls. False, securing the enclave includes a layered firewall approach both on the at heart and outside of the network. Sensitive data can be secured from other segments of the internal network (internal) as well as Internet links (external). 15. What is the primary objective of this STIG as is relates to network infrastructures for DoD networks? STIG, or security department Technical Implementation Guide, is an intended guide to decrease vulnerabilities and potential of losing sensitive data. The guide focuses on network security, giving security considerations for the implemented network. The STIG also covers the level of risks and the associated acceptable levels to said risks.

Economic Growth in Nigeria Essay

The agriculture sector was the focus of longing festering interest during the 1990s, with food self-sufficiency the goal. In 1990, agriculture was the unresolved of a separate three-year development plan involving public and private disbursal targets concentrating on the family farmer. The programincluded price stabilization plans and schemes to revitalize the thread oil, cocoa, and rubber subsectors. The Agricultural Development Projects continued through the decade, but writ of execution of goals was difficult. The country still imports most of its wheat from the United States.An integrated petrochemical perseverance was also a priority. Using the output of the nations refineries, Nigeria produced benzene, degree Celsius black, and polypropylene. The development of liquid natural gas facilities was expected to lead to the output signal of methanol, fertilizer, and domestic gas. Nigerias refineries operated at less than optimal rates end-to-end the 1990s.In the manufacturi ng sector, the government was backing a policy of local sourcing whereby locally produced raw materials were converted into finished products. By 1999, manufacturing accounted for less than 1% of plebeian domestic product (GDP).By the beginning of the 2000s, the government was more touch about halting corruption and reigning in the state work out than economic development. Nevertheless, the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) was created to coordinate economic and social development in the oil-producing region.Nigerias foreign debt stood at around $28.5 billion in 2001, a large portion of which was interest and payment arrears. The Obasanjo administration in the early 2000s was supporting private-sector-led, market-oriented economic growth, and had begun economic reform programs. Privatization of state-owned enterprises continued. A Stand-By parade with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), approved in 2000, lapsed in 2001 as the governments economic reform program went eat up track. There were indications a new IMF program for the country would be negotiated in 200304.Read more http//

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Why We Hate the Smart Kids

Shamyra J champions Vejea Jennings English 097 March 23, 2013 Why Do We Hate The quick-witted Kids? My initial reaction to Grant Penrod essay was flabbergasting because even thou I am not in utmost inculcate any more than(prenominal) I could look covering and remember how altogether the jocks did get more acknowledgment consequently the dweebs. In my days at school the nerds were the smart battalion or the teachers pet. According to Grant Penrod, Social stereotypes began to pop out as early as high school. (Grant. Chapter 57 Pg. 692) I assure with Grant because I remember when I was in the 10th fool walking with my friend Amber. e would always decrease out in the quad argona because thats where all the popular electric s fork uprs hung out until one day we asked each other, Why dont we ever hang out in the butt?. So we were heading down to the hind end of the school, and as eyes took in the scenery Amber whispered, We cant stay here. We knew we couldnt stay beca use everyone in the back was nerds or Geeks and we didnt want to be perceived as any one of those titles so we scurried to the quad again. But you have to ask yourself, If teenagers judge the smart kids, then how does society judge other groups? But being Invisible follows you into adulthood it does not end in high school because if somebody was to meditate something new and helpful and it became a success a very a few(prenominal) lot would know who invented the item, and thats because the name of the person is not gloried as much(prenominal) as the creation. Ignoring intellectuals both in both in school and later on in life crushes its victims. (Grant . Chapter 57 pg. 694) When I was younger my p bents always scolded at me, you have to get an education, and if you dont you depart be jobless and out on the streets And I would always result back, Then why do alot of football game players and majority of the actors do and didnt even finish high school. Why do they represent more than people who in truth graduated college? That question is always in the back of my mind. Why do people who spend years in school bring out minimum wage but the people who be actors or rappers make billions of dollars and barely have any education?. Thats a question I always precious to ask but no one, not even my parents, seem to have the answer.Personally I count teachers should make the most since they are ones who actually teach everyone including the doctors, nurses and firefighters. But it seems like everything is rearwards Instead the actors making billions and trillions, it should be the people who save like firefighters and doctors. I never quite understood it but whats to understand. I was never into popularity like my peers were because I was brought up on being the Smart kid and dont be a statistic.Related essay fashion model Essay How to Study SmartMy parents believed if you joined tons of clubs in middle school and in high school you get good grades in all the four years you were in high school then you would go to an excellent University and live comfortable for the rest of your life. My parents encouraged me to be The nerd. entert go over in But like Grant mentioned in his essay that nerds are never gloried as much as the football players. Even thou I wasnt into popularity I still wanted to be acknowledged for my intellectuality which was belittled.But wanting to fit in in high school was common, no one wants the title nerds, because if you are a nerd then you are never asked out, never invited to any parties or have any friends unsloped because you are a nerd. Nerds are excluded from social activeness because of their label, and that label in turn intensifies through the resulting lack of social contact. (Grant Penrod) It could be due to the media because majority broadcast you dont have to be smart to be successful.And if you look on the internet and see how much doctors make verses singers it is a big difference. I am not give tongue to all singers or rappers didnt go to school or/and they are not smart, but some do not have doctorates and make 80,000 a day. Lawyers dont even make that much and they been in school for years. For being in school all those years you would think it would pay off. If I were a kid now I would think, why go to school if I could just become a rapper or a singer and make more than people who actually go to school for years? That is the way a lot of teenagers are thinking about dropping out of high school because a lot of my guy friends are dropouts because they are noticing rappers are making more than people who graduated colleges. Most people affected by the media are teenagers (Grant Penrod). But that is because a lot of teenagers do what they call whats in. If smoking is cool then majority of the teens will do it just because everyone is doing it . Some nerds will also go that far just to fit in. But fitting in does not guarantee automatically popularity.I think yo u dont have to hide your intellectuality for other people benefits, its not a handicap. Its a gift that should be spread like a virus and acted upon on. You never know you whitethorn change someone life, you might inspire a drop-out to go back to school and get a degree because that is what we need in our society. Everyone is forgetting how most-valuable knowledge is and going for the short cut in life. Being someone helpful in the future requires enriching your knowledge not just by improving it. When you enrich your knowledge you are improving for a damp future not just yours the generation next.