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Should Gay Marriage Be Treated Equal - 995 Words

Have you ever wonder how it felt to have a partner for 30 years, but according to the law, you are not a family member? Has your partner been sick and you could not make any decisions regarding their health, because you are not family? Also, this person for whom you have shared your life with cannot and will not qualify for health insurance as a spouse? Hospitals cannot legally allow gay partners to receive medical information about their condition without it being a blood relative. These are all just some of the difficulties that gay people have encountered for many years. We as heterosexual people do not encounter these problems and take it for granted that everybody is and should be treated equal. It is an issue about equal rights. Gay marriage is a reality, it is just that society needs to be accepting and force laws to change. Just think about this, there are approximately eight million adults that are either gay, lesbian or bisexual and compromise about three and half percent of the adult population (Gates, 2011) Gay married should be legalized for many reasons. It would help the gay couples out economically, because they would be able to have insurance for their spouse. The couple would also be able to file taxes as a legal couple, married couples have better tax incentives (Marriage Bonus) and deductibles than do single couples. Not to mention that these couples could make decision for each other in time of a health crisis. These couples would also be ableShow MoreRelatedSame Sex Marriage and Politics in the U.S. Essay800 Words   |  4 PagesSex Marriage has become a major issue in the United States. There are variations in opinions concerning the topic. The main concern is should same sex marriage be allowed or declared unconstitutional. Plenty of conservatives are completely against gay marriage and many of liberals are fighting for equal treatment. Many controversies and arguments have developed from this issue. There are many reasons why gay marriage should be legal or illega l. The people who oppose same sex marriage or alsoRead MoreEssay about Lets Legalize Gay Marriage872 Words   |  4 PagesLet’s Legalize Gay Marriage Gay marriage is a right. Heterosexual couples are allowed to enjoy all the marriage benefits, so why shouldn’t same-sex couples be able to? Why should other people be able to choose who marries who? If a man and a woman get married, no one seems to care. Gay marriage should be legal because it’s an issue of equal rights, it would save society money, and it will increase the chances for foster children to be adopted into loving families. Same-sex marriage is an issueRead MoreSame Sex Marriage990 Words   |  4 PagesSupporters of gay marriage argue around the concept of equality in America. Our country is said to be found on the principle that all men are created equal, so that make it hypocritical to deny the rights of homosexuals, as it was hypocritical to deny freedom to African Americans or to prohibit women s suffrage. Supporters also believe that Gays should be allows the same benefits as regular married couples. For instance, only through marriage do same sex couples have the rights to their partnerRead MoreGay Marriage Should Be Legal873 Words   |  4 PagesGay marriage is a topic that is widely discussed and debated similar to racism or women’s rights, but now that gay marriage is legal people are still trying to ban their freedom statewide. All American couples deserve decent health care, spousal death benefits, and all other privileges afforded through marriage. Same sex unions should not be dif ferent from heterosexual marriages. Same sex couples have been denied tremendous amounts of health benefits, but with the legalization of gay marriage doRead MoreGay Marriage Should Be Legal1437 Words   |  6 PagesHomosexuals are disrespected and treated unfairly, such as a look from a person who isn’t gay or called names such as â€Å"faggot,† simply because their sexual orientation, why? If homosexuals pay their taxes, help build roads and pay public schools just like heterosexual couples then gay couple should have the same rights as opposite sex couples do. In the case of Baker v. Vermont, in the year 2000, â€Å"Vermont’s groundbreaking law establishing civil unions took effect, providing families of samesex couplesRead MoreHomosexuality and Human Rights Essay1383 Words   |  6 PagesHave you ever been treated so unfairly, but knew there was very little you could do to change it? If so, then you know exactly how many of the homosexuals in the world feel about the right to marry. Many homosexuals feel that this right has been kept just out of reach for them, due to others who despise them. These individuals believe that being gay is wrong, immoral and disgusting; but this is definitely not the case. Gay marriage should be allowed in the United States because this decisionRead MoreLife Liberty and the Pursuit of Same Sex Marriage Though the United States in modern times has1200 Words   |  5 Pagesthe Pursuit of Same Sex Marriage Though the United States in modern times has fostered a politically correct environment, where any form of bigotry or bias is frowned upon and scorned, and though we live in a country that was founded upon the principle of equality, gay and lesbian Americans today still struggle for acceptance, and to be allowed in all fifty states to legally marry their partner. While this nation has fought bigotry and bias for many years, the same sex marriage issue came into focusRead MoreGay Marriage Should Remain Legal in California998 Words   |  4 Pages(Murphy). Although marriage between same-sex marriages interferes with the traditional purpose of marriage, procreation; gay marriage should remain legal in California because it justifies equality by allowing them to be socially accepted in society, it creates equality economically for taxes and finances, and reiterates that religious beliefs in all faiths should not dictate society. The traditional purpose of a marriage is procreation. Many people fear that same-sex marriages will interfere withRead MoreEssay about Gay And Lesbians Marriage970 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Gay and lesbians Marriage People question themselves all the time, what is love? There are numerous definitions of what love is but love in my opinion is when two people different feel connected doesn’t matter what race, nationality, or gender. Love lies within every human. Every human being should have the full right to love whoever they want. There should not be any discrimination against love. Love has many different form, some that people will never understand such as gay and lesbian love.Read MoreEssay on Homosexual Rights and Equality1242 Words   |  5 Pagespoliticians believe that everyone should be treated equally especially because it is stated in the United States Declaration of Independence. Our founding fathers wrote these words to protect all individuals. Those Americans who abide by the rules and who are upstanding citizens have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. However, Americans who are not the typical heterosexual are restricted from their rights even if they are faithful citizens. Gay and lesbian couples are discriminated

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Airport Security Changes Since 9/11 - 1653 Words

Airport Security Changes since September 11, 2001 Abstract In this paper, I will try to demonstrate how drastically the security in airports has changed since the attacks occurred on September 11, 2001. September 11 is a day that probably every single person on this earth either remembers or at least knows about. The airports have had some of the biggest changes in how humans travel this earth. Every country has their own way of securing their airports, but they all have made changes in some way, shape or form. The question I have recently asked myself is; are these changes actually going to keep us safe when we fly? Can anyone really answer this question with 100 percent truthfulness? I personally do not think it is a question†¦show more content†¦Another measure TSA took was to add body scanners to security. These scanners can see what a person is carrying underneath their clothes. There have been a few different designs to this machine due to some lawsuits in the past brought up because the TSA agents were making fun of a man’s gentile size or certain passengers would feel embarrassed because someone can see their bodies. Now what the TSA agent sees is an outline of the passenger’s body and whatever is on the body. The body scanner does not show a naked person anymore. In certain parts of the world, a retinal scanner was added at the security area. A passenger could go through a different security line and allow the scanner to read their eyes and be sent through without being searched, taking off shoes and coats or even removing their computers from their bags. In order to be able to receive this luxurious security check, a person would have to send in extensive forms to the government. These forms would tell the government everything about the person in order to do the extensive background check. And this takes time as well. You cannot expect for this to happen overnight. Not only does this take time and extensive checks, but it also costs money. It will cost someone about a hundred dollars to be even considered for this security check. The retinal scanner is not used in all airports. Most of them are actually located outside theShow MoreRelated9/11 7th grade paper1506 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿ September 11, 2001 was an unforgettable day when many people lost there lives and sadly, airport security failed at three different airports. Airport security is a big deal all across the country and we depend on the use of the security for the safety of our own lives along with the others around us. There were many attacks throughout history that helped the airport to see what there weaknesses were, which helps strengthen their current security systems. 9/11 was a big impact on the world andRead MoreAirport Security After 911 Essay966 Words   |  4 PagesAIRPORT SECURITY AFTER 911 By Paulo Roman Garcia Medrano A research paper Submitted to ERAU-Worldwide In Partial fulfillment of the degree of Technical Management Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide Oct-2012 Pg1 ABSTRACT Researcher: Paulo Roman Garcia Medrano Title: Airport Security Since Institution: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Year: 2012 Since the tragedy of September 11, 2001 many changes have occurred in both the private and the government sector.Read MoreThe Change in Airport Security from 9/11 Essay1579 Words   |  7 PagesThe terrorist attacks on September 11, 2011 prompted the world to reevaluate and drastically modify airport and airline security. â€Å"Four targets had been chosen, all iconic American buildings that would send a clear message of the depth of their hatred for the United States. All four planes crashed, killing all on board—terrorists, crew members, and passengers, along with hundreds who were killed inside the structures, on the ground, and the men and women who ran into collapsing buildings in an effortRead MoreThe Bombing Of The United States1058 Words   |  5 PagesOn September 11, 2001 Flight Two planes were flown into the towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. The planes where hijacked by 19 Al Qaeda terrorists that brought along their weapons , to many Americans the mention of 9/11 can be horrifying with the memories that they might have experienced that day with the site of the twin towers being brought down. Because of the hijacked planes, it destroyed many lives as well as the families that lost someone in that tragedy. The United States hasRead MoreHOW HAS AIRPORT SECURITY INTENSIFIED SINCE 9/11 Essay example988 Words   |  4 PagesHAS AIRPORT SECURITY INTENSIFIED SINCE 9/11 2013 shawn.diggs1208 Edward Waters College 4/18/2013 Abstract: We as people examine the impact of post-9/11 airport security measures on air travel in the U.S. Using five years of data on passenger volume, we evaluate the effects of the implementation of baggage screening and the federalization of passenger screening on the demand for air travel. These two congressionally mandated measures are the most visible changes in airport security followingRead MoreThe Change in Airport Security from 9/111500 Words   |  6 PagesThe Change in Airport Security from 9/11 The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2011 prompted the world to reevaluate and drastically modify airport and airline security. â€Å"Four targets had been chosen, all iconic American buildings that would send a clear message of the depth of their hatred for the United States. All four planes crashed, killing all on board—terrorists, crew members, and passengers, along with hundreds who were killed inside the structures, on the ground, and the men and womenRead MoreJunior Research Paper1586 Words   |  7 Pages Are U.S. airport security regulations for flying too strict? â€Å"Since 9/11, (America’s airport security has) largely been a line of defense ahead of a departure gate to keep dangerous people and dangerous materials off a plane. By Bin Laden’s calculations, its cost $56 billion since 9/11. In one sense, it is worked as planned: No planes have been blown up or hijacked for a decade† (Airport Security Statistics). This quote explains that since 9/11 the airport security’s line of defense has been successfulRead MoreEssay on The Heightening of Airport Security after September 11th797 Words   |  4 PagesThe Heightening of Airport Security after September 11th Extraordinary challenges require extraordinary measures. The terrorist attacks on America on September 11, 2001 required that we reform our nation’s aviation security system in fundamental ways. Three years after the Sept. 11 tragedies, how far has airport and airlines come? It depends on the source. While it is important for airports to heighten security after the attacks of 9/11, the policies of profiling passengers are inadequate andRead MoreSeptember 11th And The World Of Aviation1415 Words   |  6 PagesMacy Oller Mr. Litz American Lit 09 December 2016 September 11th and the World of Aviation September 11, 2001 was a Tuesday and changed air transportation as we know it. This devastating day in history was when a total of four American Airlines airplanes were hijacked. Most collided with important United States buildings. The first two planes intentionally collided with each of the Twin Towers in New York. Shortly after, the third plane hit the Pentagon in Virginia. Amazingly, the passengers onRead MoreThe Impact of September 11, 2001 Essay examples1209 Words   |  5 PagesOn September 11, 2001, terrorists savagely attacked the United States of American. Thousands of individuals lost their lives as two airplanes crashed into the two World Trade Center 1`buildings and the Pentagon. This brutal act shook the world. This terrorists’ attack has changed many aspects of people’s lives worldwide. It not only affected the US but everyone around the world. During the aftermath, we learned that we lost one of our native virgin islanders. US Army, Staff Sargent Maud lyn A. White

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Book Report on 1984 by George Essay Example For Students

Book Report on 1984 by George Essay The book starts off with an interesting first sentence the clocks were striking 13. To me this was unusual because there is no 13 on a clock and it is usually considered an unlucky number. I thought it was kind of weird and different compared to what kind of world we are living in today. This is because in London the province of Oceania is where our first and main character Winston Smith lives. There are signs reminding citizens that Big Brother is always watching. Big Brother is the leader of the party in which Winston is a part of as well as all the people of Oceania. Winston Smith is about 39 and has on ulcer on his left ankle. He had to wear blue overalls as a rule of the party. He lives in Victory Mansions by himself. One vocabulary word that I didnt know I found on page 6, eddies, which is a current air running contrary to the main current. Also on page 6 I learned that in this place where Winston lives they use what is called a telescreen which watches and hears everything eve ryone is doing. There is a telescreen placed in every corner of every room. This telescreen could not be turned off. If you are heard thinking of something the Big Brother does not want you to think then you will be punished by the Thought Police. This punishment could be death or a sentence of 25 years in a forced labor camp. You had to keep your feelings to yourself and try to hide them from the Thought Police. Your worst enemy is your own nervous system, (page 67) this is something you hear all the time from criminals who say their self conscious got to them.There are three slogans of the party, theses slogans are War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength. Not everyone is a member of the Party. Only about 20% of the people of Oceania are involved in the party. Most people living in Oceania are living in slums. The people are given a small amount of coupons to trade in for clothing, food or anything else they needed. On page 8 we find out the 4 most important bui ldings in Oceania. They are the four Ministries, which are all government buildings. They are the Ministry of Peace, which is concerned with war. The Ministry of Truth is concerned with news, entertainment, education and the arts. The Ministry of Love maintains law and order. The Ministry of Plenty is responsible for economic affairs. Each ministry had its own concerns and problems. I agree with the author in that our own system of government I believe each department has its own individual concerns and problems. Every member of the party worked in one of these ministries. Winston worked in the Ministry of Truth where his job was to rewrite history to make it sound good for the party. On page 11 Winston is looking for razor blades because the party underestimated the amount needed when he walks into an antique shop and ends up buying a diary. This was not illegal only because there were no laws, but it could be thought as an act punishable to the Thought Police. When Winston got home he decided to write in his new diary only not knowing what to write. He just started writing about a war movie that he saw last night not even remembering why he bought this diary. On page 12, we meet a friend of Winstons, Charlie OBrien, who is a member of the inner party and a large burly man with a thick neck. Also, on page twelve, I did not know what bigoted meant. It means someone who is devoted to his own opinions and prejudices. On page 13, Winston hears on the telescreen the Two Minutes of Hate which came on every day. This was usually to test the people to see if they believed in the party. The person usually giving this speech is the former leader of the party Emmanuel Golds tein who is the enemy of the people. Winston could not talk to any of his co-workers. He was not allowed to possess memories and if you were caught some how it was all punishable by the Thought Police. Everyone was living in horrible conditions. George Orwell described the provinces of Oceania very well on page 77 where he writes, Decaying, dingy cities where underfed people shuffled to and fro in leaky shoes, in patched-up nineteenth century houses that smelt always of cabbage and bad lavatories. To me this sentence gave me a good mental picture of where and how these people were living. A Different World EssayWinston was trying to do everything to get out of there. He was confessing to everything he did wrong and everything he knew of other people doing something wrong. This was not working. They kept him in there. After a few days, Winston lost track of the time and what day it was because there was not any windows and the jail cells always stayed the same. Winston was also being starved. The next night he thought of what could get him out of there and it worked. He turned on Julia saying he did not love her and he told them to kill Julia and not him. After saying this, Winston is eventually let back into the world to work and live. They gave him a new look and a new job. Winston looked different because of all the scars and bruises he had suffered from being beaten in the jail. Winston then begins to love his new life and enjoys every minute of it. He is also now a good member of the party, doing everything he is suppose to, and not thinking for himself. He is t hinking just like the party had taught him. He had found Julia at a restaurant, and they went to the park to talk. They both had turned against each other and decided it was best for them not to be involved anymore. It was mostly because they did not have the physical attraction to each other anymore as they used to. They both had changed because of being beaten in jail. A few days later an announcement comes onto the telescreen saying they have won the war and defeated Eurasia. People crowded into the street to cheer on the victory of the party. Winston jumped for joy and thats when the Thought Police had seen on the telescreen and had realized that Winston was cured and a real member of the party. He had loved Big Brother and then he was shot from behind and killed.

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Policing Of Neighborhoods Essays - Law Enforcement, Crime Prevention

Policing Of Neighborhoods Policing of communitys can take form in many different ways. These ways include plenty of patrol day and night, little patrol or no patrol, and or foot patrol. Both of these articles: Poking Holes in the Theory of Broken Windows, by D.W. Miller; and Broken Windows: The police and neighborhood safety, by James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling talk about the different theories on how to lower crime rates within the community. Broken Windows presents the theory that if little things are neglected then bigger things in turn will arise. Broken Windows: The police and neighborhood safety was written before the other article to establish its idea, as stated above. The second article, Poking Holes in the Theory of Broken Windows, was composed in order to get the point across that the Broken Windows theory is incorrect. The article Broken Windows The police and neighborhood safety brings about the theory that one unrepaired broken window is a signal that no one cares and so breaking more windows costs nothing (Wilson, Kelling, 1982). They are saying that if the community lets some crime go then it is just going to be the beginning of more serious crime. The police are not helping reduce the crime rate due to the fact that the police exist to regulate behavior, not to maintain the racial or ethnic purity of a neighborhood (Wilson, Kelling, 1982). To the residents, the police who arrive in squad cars are either ineffective or uncaring (Wilson, Kelling, 1982). So in turn they came up with the theory that making foot patrol in neighborhoods more readily available to the people would better deter crime. To the surprise of hardly anyone, that foot patrol had not reduced crime rates. But residents of foot-patrolled neighborhoods seemed to feel more secure than persons in other areas, tended to believe that crime had been reduced(Wilson, Kelling, 1982). By using this technique to try lowering crime rates they actually only fooled the public by making them feel more secure, when really they were not. The article Poking Holes in the Theory of Broken Windows, talked about how the article Broken Windows is only a theory (Miller, 2001, p. 4). They came to this conclusion through the reverse of Murphys Law: Virtually everything that could go right, did. Turf wars in the crack trade died down. The number of young males between the ages of 18-24- the crime - prone years - shrank. Unbroken economic growth provided disadvantaged young people with alternatives to crime (Miller, 2001, p. 4,5). In the essence when they thought their theory on cutting crime was working, it in fact was humanity that was changing for the better, proving their theory to be right. In reading the two assigned articles, Broken Windows: The police and neighborhood safety and Poking Holes in the Theory of Broken Window, it can be said that the second article contradicts the message that the first article was trying to get across. The Broken Window theory states that if little things are neglected then bigger things in turn will arise. In contrast to that, the second articles goes to show how the theory in the first one was wrong by pointing out how humanity changed as a whole. It made this change through great economic growth, which boosted peoples finances, and resulted in a decrease in criminal activities, instead of decreasing crime rates through increasing the policing of neighborhoods.