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Transmission cabling and techniques Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Transmission cabling and techniques - Assignment ExampleThe advent of televisions and transmission of not only calls but as well video or visual signals called for the introduction of wideband transmission medium in the form of broadband copper homocentric cables in the 1930s. This was followed by the development of coaxial cables into tandem that contained microwave radio relay systems in the 1970s. These were broadband systems in which television and conversation signals travelled through radio with the help of a number of towers. Microwave relay had the advantage of lower construction and maintenance costs as compared to coaxial cables (Migliavacca 143).Fiber optic cables that used light to transmit signals came before more forward-looking techniques of LAN (local stadium networks) as forms of transmission media. It was after the introduction of fiber optic cables in the 1980s that more advanced techniques like OFDM, which is the acronym of orthogonal frequency-division multi plexing and MIMO which is multiple-input and multiple-output, were introduced as a panaches of encoding digital data (Pejanovic-Djurisic, Enis, and Ramjee 94). The OFDM technology is a mode of encoding digital data on a number of carrier frequencies while MIMO is the application of some(prenominal) antennas on both ends of the transmission and receiving to enhance communication performance. Wireless technology is expect to advance get on with predictions such as the use of light bulbs that have the capacity to transmit data through illumination. Additionally, radio technology is expected to advance further to the implantation of devices with the capacity to receive wireless transmissions on humans. This is expected to notify people of particular events

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Web 2.0 and a Small or Medium-sized Business Essay

weathervane 2.0 and a Small or Medium-sized Business - Essay Example19). One of the major and most primary(prenominal) advancements of engineering science is the internet which has significantly changed peoples lives and how they do business enterprise. Specifically, internet has facilitated the development of well-disposed media and link developments under the banner tissue 2.0 which has been central to business operations in the recent times. Web 2.0 refers to the pattern that uses internet network (World liberal Web) as a platform for sharing information, collaboration, user-centered design, and interoperability among individuals and companies (Lincoln, 2009, p. 11). Web 2.0 platforms give users the hazard to collaborate as well as move with one another as creators and users of content that is user-generated. This technology is revolutionary in the sense that it allows collaboration and interaction among users in a virtual community unalike other websites that limit con sumers to passive viewing of the contents that have already been created for them (Elliott, 2004, p. 27). Web 2.0 platforms include social networking sites, web applications, blogs, hosted services, and video sharing sites among others. The fact that social media has grown exponentially over the years operator that no business can ignore it, as it is very critical to the success and performance of businesses (Shah, 2010, p. 16). This make-up will discuss the potential of social media and related developments under the banner Web 2.0 for helping a medium-sized business (Proxar IT Consulting) to communicate with customers and to share knowledge between its staff. Web 2.0 technologies use internet network (World Wide Web) as a platform for sharing information, collaboration, user-centered design, and interoperability among individuals and companies. Several studies have shown that Web 2.0 has a wide get of generic business benefits that emanates from the adoption of developments in web services, software as a service, and interpersonal calculation (Nair, 2011, p. 46). The first generic benefit is that Web 2.0 can help a business improve its be particularly in the search result and wherefore extend its presence onto other sites. This is important to whatsoever business in the sense that it builds high quality links to the company and therefore increases the exposure of the business (Chaney, 2009, p. 35). However, for this to be more efficient, the content should be made relevant to staff and existing and potential customers. The southward generic benefit is that it helps in the brand management of the business and helps them to protect their reputation. Proactive use of Web 2.0 can remarkably help to build and find relationships with customers, as well as improve relationship between employees (Lincoln, 2009, p. 19). In addition, Web 2.0 is beneficial to businesses because it enhances relationships between the business, its partners, customers, and staff. Through social media, customers, employees, investors, and partners find the platform to interact and collaborate (Lee, 2010, p. 114). Another generic business benefit of Web 2.0 is brand cognizance it presents businesses with incredible probability to generate content that brands the company in good light and therefore generate brand awareness to the targeted audience (Elliott, 2004, p. 44). Social media has proved to be fundamental in building consistent presence and therefore enhances brand awareness for any business that uses it. More importantly, Web 2.0 technolog

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Cell City Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Cell City - evidence ExampleCells can be structurally divided into cardinal groups i.e. the prokaryotes and the eukaryotes. The basic difference between these two groups is that eukaryotes contain a nuclear membrane which surrounds the nucleus and the materials embedded in it whereas in prokaryotic electric carrels the contagious material inside the nucleus is not surrounded by a membrane. The carrels present in animals and fixs be eukaryotic whereas the cells in bacteria, cyanobacteria, and mycoplasmas are prokaryotic. Organelles are part of cells which work together to complete the escapes of the cells. As plant and animal cells are eukaryotic this essay would revolve around the eukaryotic cells only. The eukaryotic cells, in some other words, have membrane-bounded organelles. Its constituents are the plasma membrane, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Ribosomes, Mitochondria, Golgi Apparatus, Lysosomes, Nucleus, Flagella, Cilia, Cell wall, Chloroplast, and vacuoles. The animal cells and plant cells have a difference of cell wall, vacuoles, and chloroplasts. The cell functions as a metropolis to complete its functions. All the organelles work together just wish in a city with collaboration so that the city is clean and everything goes on smoothly. These are the organelles of the cell which function together to produce qualitative results. The cell membrane is a very essential building which forms the outer covering of the cells. Its integrity and normal working are essential for the proper functioning of the compassionate body as well as the carrying out of normal metabolic functions.... The main components of the cell membrane are the lipids and the proteins with the proteins forming a major component of the membrane. Fifty five percent of the cell membrane is represent by proteins. That is for approximately fifty molecules of lipids, there is one protein molecule present. The proteins have a very important post to play in maintaining the shape of the ce ll membrane which is crucial for maintaining the form and working of the cell as well. Similarly in cities if these authorities let everyone enter the city therefore the integrity of the city can be put at stake. Proteins also have the ability to work as pumps for the transition of ions by the process of active transport which works against the normal diffusion gradient. They also act as carriers and work in moving substances by the process of facilitated diffusion which involves the movement of secondary substances in draw with proteins for the purpose of transport. Glycolipids and glycoproteins also fulfill the functions of the authorities in the city (1 2 7). Cytoplasm Cytoplasm is a fluid like substance inside the cell which has many proteins, electrolytes and glucose. It has different organelles embedded in it which function together to perform the city functions. Cytoplasm in a real city can be referred to as the land where different authorities are working together. When s omeone builds places on the land then the spaces of the land become hidden to anyones view and the same happens with the cytoplasm in which the organelles take the role of the places built in the city (3 5 7). Endoplasmic Reticulum The endoplasmic reticulum is a broad vesicular mental synthesis which contains of the endoplasmic matrix. Substances

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Personal journal entry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Personal journal entry - Essay ExampleHowever, all the formatting methods must adhere to the required method selected by the institution for consistency. If these standards were not available, there would be chaos in writing because m some(prenominal) methods of writing would be available and that would these would not be following a particular consistent strategy making it unenviable to communicate between different individuals. In fact, there would be no communication because the formatting methods use enable understanding and consistency.The audience determines the content and how the center needs to be delivered. One cannot generalise the message and the audience because every message must have be tailored to a specific audience. extract of words while writing can depends on the formality, so that if the audience has high level of formality it is authoritative to avoid using words with similar denotation that have different connotations like arent mad and are not angry. In te rms of tone, the appropriate tone of word selected should match with the get of that word with the audience. The tone relates to emotion, attitude, seriousness, or humour. One should use humour when it is appropriate and resonate with the audience. The most important part is to avoid using slang word or using personal digressions in any form of

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Assignment Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Assignment - Research Proposal ExamplePosterior symmetric ligament (PCL) injuries are the most rare injuries.(1- JM)Most suspected human knee disorders become diagnosed first through courtly radiographs (X-rays). These radiographs are in effect(p) in demonstrating fractures because the show bones and joint spaces. Their sensitivity to soft tissue conditions body low except in conditions where the tissues contain mush calcium or fat. X-rays are also comparatively insensitive to destruction of medullary bone and loss of cartilage as well. The basic examination consists of squint-eyed and ante posterior (AP) projections of the knee.(Carmen Martn-Hervas)Radiographs and CTs remain effective modalities for post-operative imaging following ACL reconstruction. CTs, however, depict femoral cut into in more accurate manner than radiographs. The radiation dosage however, is almost double that of the radiographs and this should be effective considered when utilizing CTs over radiographs ( Anagha et al).Plain radiographs provide limited assistance in dealing with sports related injuries. They can completely be indicated in circumstances where there is significant impact injury. Positive findings are however, occasionally show in ACL disruptions, where there is depression of the lateral femoral notch, and segond fracture. Computed Tomography (CT) provides effective analysis for categorizing fracture of the shinbone plateau.Ultrasound imaging is utilized minimally together with magnetic resonance imaging when analyzing many knee injuries. Ultrasound becomes reliable in assessment of quadriceps and patellar tendons, when symptoms of injury are located inwardly the anterior joint, and are focal. Ultrasound easily identifies collateral ligaments. Injuries to these ligaments are however associated with derangement and MRI becomes immanent in demonstrating the full spectrum of the injury (12- EUGENE G).MRI utilizes high soft tissue contrast and multiplanar capability in

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Multinational Business of Big Bazaar, First Solar, and Tata Motors Case Study

Multinational Business of Big bazar, First solar, and Tata Motors - Case Study ExampleTheBig Bazaar Company is planning to spread into the Middle East countries like Yemen as there is a big opportunity in this market due to the nonpresence of any global retail fetter there and availability of domestic supplier. The location of Yemen is at the southern end of Arabian Peninsula in the Middle East. The Arabian Sea, blushful Sea and the Gulf of Aden have made boundaries its southern and western side of the awkward. Two neighbour countries to a fault bordered i.e. Saudi Arabia in north and Oman in the east. The population of this country is very poor and a large percentage the population is rural people. But in the last decades, it has been large scale urbanization in the country and now near about half of the population lives in town. There is a good incentives scheme by the Yemen government in any large foreign investment project. The target of this is to attract potential forei gn investors to the prospective sectors of the country by minimising the risk of initial investment. Government too provide free exchange of currency from strong currency to Yemen or vice versa. To start a project in Yemen no need of nationalisation and reservation atomic number 18 required. Foreign investment projects are exempted from paying meshwork tax up to 7 eld which is expandable up to 16 years if it helps to strengthen the sector. There is lack of well-developed commercial bloodline centres in Yemen even in coastal cities therefore, the country has poorly developed retail market. Most of the shops are in the major cities and maximum of these are family owned. The producers or manufacturer of retail products and goods are only the seller. No professional retail outlets or chains are there who sells by getting supply from producers. This is why the retail market is not at every penetrated even in urban areas of the country. But there is a good demand of retail chains which can provide the finished retail goods across the country and as the per capita income has been increasing and the purchasing bureau as well as buying behaviour has been developing since the last decades. Big Bazaar is a India based supermarket chain and it get the supply of retail products from institutional supplier as well as direct from the producers of good branded product and sell those after retail pricing those products according to its profit margin strategy. But in Yemen as there is no such kind of institutional supplier. So the company needs to tie up with the home-based producer of the retail product like garments, food products, and another(prenominal) daily needed products which have a good demand in the urban market. First Solars multinational business can be analysed by doing a PESTEL analysis of the international business environment and the potential market analysis. Political It represents how the government represents the economy and a certain business i.e . the bearing of representing and the extent. Political factors of a country represented by certain areas like taxation policy, labour law, distribute restrictions, tariffs and govt. stability. So, market attractiveness towards foreign investors will be high if the entire areas of political environment are business-friendly. Economical Economical factors are influenced and comprised by the economy of a country, and the World economy. These factors are interest rates, inflation, economic growth i.e. exchange rates and currency strength.

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BIOMECHANICAL FORCES ACTING ON ELBOW( A STATIC ANALYSIS) - Essay ExampleMeanwhile, a force is an effect on a certain soundbox which changes its shape or motion. The jostle transforms shearing, compressional, and rotational forces into a normal motion. During flexion, the arm is bent, the pressure forces that moves along the shove joint shift forces from the humerus to the elbow bone. Under extension, on the contrary, the applied forces run along the radius and the humerus, with the arm straightly open. The elbow displaces such forces largely through the muscles and ligaments that absorb and disperse stresses. Since the surface area of the ulna is bigger than that of the radial tire head, the ulna contributes lesser force per unit area as compared to the humerus. In addition, to avoid bone labour absorption, the elbow articular cartilages acts as a buffer between the bones. In the event that the cartilage is oblige to absorb great stress for various times, the stress flattens ou t the cartilage and will eventually sequel to early wearing.Basically, the elbow is considered as a hinge joint with a single degree of freedom. However, its anatomic structure necessitates the inclusion of the articulations along with the radius and ulna. Thus, the elbow is best treated as having a instrument of a two degree freedom that supports the supination/pronation of the forearm and the extension/flexion of the elbow. In terms of inherent structure, the three synovial joints, along with subtle interactions, are radio-ulnar, humero-ulnar, and humero-radial. The humero-radial joint is of prime interest because of the combination of sexual congress motions that occur therein the axial rotation that involves in the forearm supination/pronation and the elbow flexion accompanying the ulna (Lockard 2006, p. 72). Flexion/extension moments are produced by the muscles that act over the elbow join, including brachioradialis, brachialis, triceps, and biceps brachii. While pronation is achieved through the muscles in the forearm, pronator quadratus,

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Information Managemen Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Information Managemen - enquiry Paper ExampleManagers in architectural companies peck communicate with an iOS thingumabob. The MDM server utilizes a feature know as apple push for notification. The service provided by this device is lightweight and scalable hence connects with MDM to acquire pending actions and questions. Managers using the notification services are able to use MDN servers to keep contact with the device that affects performance. Architectural companies can integrate, deploy, and secure iPhones in their system. There are features in iPhone 5 that ensure Microsoft step in and accesses to corporate emails, calendar and contacts. iPhone 5 can be used to keep valuable data because it has an compound data protection. Staff in the company can have accesses to corporate networks with support from Wi-Fi protocols. Architectural companies can take advantage of iPhone features to enhance the company. Further more(prenominal), iPhone 5 is portable because it is the thinnes t and lightest call off ever. It is 7.6mm thin and weighs 112 Mgs. Staff in architectural company can experience the stunning view offered by iPhone 5 since it has a 4-inch retina display with 326ppi. It offers provide in architectural firms an opportunity to see more content from the internet because it has a large screen. Managers in architectural companies can take advantage of the massive display because of the updated default software like iPhoto and service department band. IPhone 5 displays have two black stripes at both sides for adjustment with screen resolution. The satisfy sensors integrated into the screen provide the most advanced display that reduces sun glare hence fashioning images sharper. Architectural companies can enjoy services of ultrafast wireless offered by iPhone 5. This provides ready connectivity within the company. The phone supports 802.11 a/b/g and 802.11n dual network supporting frequencies mingled with the range of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. IPhone 5 ha s the enormousest carrier ever compared to other phones. iPhone 5 has an A6 processor that is twice faster and twice graphics therefore providing an incredible experience. Architectural companies can enhance performance through iPhone 5 since is it has a 1.05 GHz processor that is paired with one GB RAM (King, Pp 1). Cores found in A6 are designed to work with smartphone so enhancing performance. The advanced A6 processor has a new architectural design that allows the company to control performance of A6 to the hilt. This way of life iPhone 5 has a high processing power compared to other phones. There is little difference between iSight on 4S compared to iPhone 5. At the back, there is a device loaded with 8 megapixels brightened sensor supported camera. The camera can shoot HD videos and produce clear pictures. From the previous VGA, iPhone5 can capture 720p videos because it equipped with 1.2 megapixels. In equation to Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone5 has a panorama mode for hold ing down one key and moving the phone around to capture pictures. iPhone 5 has a feature known as Siri that stirred Smartphone market because it is more intelligent than ever. S-Voice in Samsung Galaxy SIII or Google lacks many features compared to Siri. This is because Siri has a capability of answering to a broad category of questions (King, Pp 2). The feature has a capability of booking reservation in the best hotels and saves the best pose in movie theatres. Siri helps in launching apps and putting status in Facebook. Siri in iPhone 5 gives individuals the opportunity to understand sports. Within few

History of American Architecture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

History of American Architecture - Essay Example by and by World War II the style manifested itself in clean-lined, unadorned glass skyscrapers and mass housing projects. Modernist architects of the archeozoic and mid-twentieth century were semipolitically idealistic and radical. Their architecture expressed their faith that modernisation and progress would bring a better world.Modern architecture is a term given to a number of building styles with kindred characteristics, primarily the simplification of form and the elimination of ornament, that first arose well-nigh 1900. Around 1900, a number of architects around the world began developing new architectural solutions to integrate traditional precedents with new technological possibilities. By the forties these styles had been consolidated and identified as the International Style and became the dominant architectural style, particularly for institutional and corporal building, for several decades in the twentieth century. So me historians see the evolution of modern architecture as a social matter, closely tied to the project of Modernity and hence to the Enlightenment, a result of social and political revolutions. Others see modern architecture as primarily driven by technological and engineering developments, and its seemingly true that the availability of new building materials such as iron, steel, concrete and glass drove the plan of new building techniques as part of the Industrial Revolution. By the 1920s the most important figures in modern architecture had established their reputations. In 1932, the International Exhibition of Modern Architecture, curated by Philip Johnson and collaborator Henry-Russell Hitchcock move together many distinct threads and trends, identified them as stylistically similar and having a special K purpose, and consolidated them into the International Style. This was an important turning point. With World War II the important figures of the Bauhaus fled to the United States, to Chicago, to the Harvard fine-tune School of Design, and to Black Mountain College. Modernism became the pre-eminent, and then the only acceptable, design solution from approximately 1932 to about 1984. Modernist architecture became popular, because the ideal of progress was so widespread during the mid-twentieth century. Its gleaming glass, steel, and concrete buildings helped to spread the faith that engine room and planning could heal the sick, replace the slums with hygienic housing projects, and create affluence for all.What is Post-ModernismPostmodern architecture is an foreign style whose first examples are generally cited as being from the 1950s, and continues to influence present-day architecture. Postmodernity in architecture is generally thought to be heralded by the return of wit, ornament and reference to architecture in response to the formalism of the International Style of modernism. As with many cultural movements, some of postmodernisms most enuncia te and visible ideas can be seen in architecture. The functional and formalized shapes and spaces of the modernist movement are replaced by

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Data to Information Critique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Data to Information brushup - Essay ExampleThe author has however express that the policies were meant to promote homeownership but failed to benefit the majority strong point and low income earners. Finally, the article has stated factors the author has addressed in the entire article.In Davis (2012, p.2), the author has stated the price index of houses since 1975 through the year 2011. However, values indicate that since the year 2000 to 2008, the prices of the house have been escalating tremendously. This contradicts the entropy in page on homeownership rate. This date indicates that between the year 2000 and the 2010, the rate of homeownership remained higher than the previous years in which the price indices were a bit lower.One of the policies introduced was deductibility of mortgage interest from income for tax purposes. The author has argued that this form _or_ system of government did non benefit the low income earners but instead it benefited the higher income earners (Davis, 2012). This could be the reason why the homeownership has remained pacify remained high even when the price indices of houses were still high. This is in line with the authors view that the policies did not favor the low income earners.The author has also elaborated the other(a) policy as that which aimed at trim back the cost of mortgages agencies. The author has stated that the policies on homeownership have resulted to a high cost on the US economy to the tune of $2.5 trillion net present value (Davis, 2012). This figure has not been supported by the author working ad there is information about the discounting factor or any other method the author used to arrive at such a figure. Going by t he authors view about the extra burden caused by the policies, then it is crystal clear that the policies introduced by the federal government were more of a burden to the citizens that a relief.The author has argued that the rate of homeownership has remained unchanged for the so und forty years despite the

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Edgar Degas Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Edgar Degas - Research Paper ExampleMoreover, being a romantic and natty creative person, he also drew the exotic pictures of women, which maintain perpetual captivation and unabated enchantment in it. It is therefore his work experience splendid acknowledgement and admiration. Though, he could not earn fame in the beginning, and had to make hard efforts to win the attention of the art-lovers, yet he left his contemporary artists far nates by dint of his intelligent creativity and superb imagination. Consequently, his paintings are still making business in approximately all parts of the globe.Aspects of Degass work - mainly, his ballet paintings from the 1880s - have long been popular with a large-minded audience too much so for their own good. (artchive.com) The bath and combing oil paintings of women, produced by Degas, incite the literary viewers the virtually glamorous character of Belinda and her dressing room created by famous English poet of Classical Era Alexander Po pe in his wonderful poem Rape of the Lock. Belinda is viewed as the most glamorous character ever created in the history of Continental Literature. Being the lover of art, I also appreciate the paintings created by Degas related to the bath and toilette, where he has skillfully drawn ein truth chase of the body while drawing the sketch of the woman after bath. The color combination of the landscape is very close to natural beauty. The picture also reveals deep observation of this proficient artist, who has included everything that essential in a fashionable toilette of the ladies belonging to elite stratum of society. It is therefore the future artists imitate his fashion and try to make portraits and drawings in the same lines adopted by

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Canadian Liberalism vs Canadian Conservatism Essay

Canadian Liberalism vs Canadian Conservatism - attempt ExampleAt one side, liberals are progressively change and reform oriented. On the other, hidebounds rely on self-induced political conduct that is relatively resistant to massive and outright reforms. In the Canadian context, liberal and conservative parties hugely disagree on governance, delivery, and taxes. Notably this disconnection can be explained by the left-right ideology.The Liberal fellowship takes policy positions that advocate for equality of opportunity, true fiscal responsibility, and relatively raised taxes for a sustainable economy (Canadian Liberal Party, 2013). On the other hand, the Conservative Party stands for balanced budgets, Canadians-driven economy, and low taxes leave more gold with the Canadians (Canadian Conservative Party, 2013). In the light of the liberal-conservative policy positions, the left-right ideology comes into play.Progressing and reforming the economy may necessitate economic changes i n the country, taxes included. The conservative view of creating jobs, promoting economic growth, and ensuring long-term economic prosperity (Canadian Conservative Party, 2013) may not inevitable result in equality of opportunities. Also, leaving more money in the hands of Canadians may depart the balanced budget realization. Liberal approach to these matters makes the Liberal Partys ideology more leftish and essentially aligned with its social, economic, and political policy

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Discussion Questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 18

Discussion Questions - Assignment ExampleThis is because the authoritative force is on the outside of the various(prenominal) and the only sensible basis of reasoning depends on physical consequences of every action.Punishment has a acquit link to physical vengeance. Therefore, each punishment in regards to an action sets standards in looking the wrong and good. Therefore, the incertitude is, what must an individual do in influence to avoid punishment?People, in these case kids, understand that every person has a unique way of viewing things and making judgments. They learn to only do the necessary and fundament only act further if the activities offer satisfaction. The question in the post can be, what can a person do to realize satisfaction and not pain?It is evident in adolescent adults who show ability to internalize the set honorable standards. However, even though understanding authority, in that location is little questioning because they assume it as a norm (Kohlberg & Hersh, 1977).Due to the established stereotypes, people accept and build their interpersonal skills on this basis. This gives rise to good behavior because it appears to be appealing to the rest of the group. As an individual, what is expected of you to be identified as a good person?Individuals learn to respect rules and order as demanded by the authority. This is because they know anyone found guilty of violating rules is liable to punishment since it the standardized form of administering justice. This requires consent in showing loyalty to rules. The question is what if alone human beings acted in such a look?At this stage, individuals demonstrate the ability to define moral principles in their own way even if they suck no allowance in the guiding rules. However, the moral principles favor and are applicable to everyone. What is justice for all? As an individual, am in this stage because I can, on my own come up with moral principles which respect

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Ecosystem Succession Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Ecosystem Succession - Essay ExampleThe Classical feigning of ecological succession shows that the structural complexity and organization of an ecosystem increase and come along over time as succession progresses. The natural motorbike of progression according to this model is shown below.The model above shows the natural cycle of progression of an ecosystem. The primal successional stage is characterized by a few pioneer species and net community toil is greater than respiration. The next mature stage shows an increase in species diversity, biomass, nutrients, food chains, and net production is tally to respiration. The succession slows down when it reaches equilibrium at the level of climax community.Autogenic Succession is self-driven, resulting from the interaction in the midst of organisms and their environment. There are two types of autogenic succession. radical Succession occurs on virgin or new formed substrates, such as lava flows, alluvial deposits, newly exposed rock faces and glacial moraines. (Mackenzie, Ball and Virdee 2001) the Glacier verbalise and Krakatau sequences are examples of Primary Succession. Secondary succession occurs on confused ground where vegetation cover has been disturbed by external environmental factors like humans, animals or by fire, wind, floods.Succession from bare(a) moraine to mature coniferous timber has been shown in areas left bare by the retreating ice in Glacier Bay, South East Alaska. This is a prime example of primary succession. Current estimates have shown that it takes 250 years for mature forest to develop from bare moraine. (Packam, Harding, Hilton, Stuttard 1992) The execute involves colonization of the nutrient poor clay by mosses and shallow-rooted herbaceous species like mountain avens (Dryas sp.). These early species alter the soil conditions facilitating the colonization by new species. Nitrogen fixation is a free process in succession. Litter accumulation helps in soil development, whic h aids colonization by shrub and at long last tree species like Cottonwood and Hemlock. Marble is present in the area and the soil parent temporal shows a pH of 8.0 - 8.4. The development of Sitka Alder has a strong acidifying effect leading to a stock in pH from 8.0 to 5.0 approximately within 30-50 years. Alder nodules also fix atmospheric nitrogen, and the increase in nitrogen values of the soil is crucial to the initial establishment of Sitka Spruce. The Spruce eventually displaces the Alder, and it leads to a mature Sitka Spruce-Hemlock forest. In another 1250 years, the mature forest changes to Sphagnum-dominated muskeg bog in suitable sites. KrakatauAnother example of Primary Succession is the Krakatau group, which lies over an orogenic hot spot in between Java and Sumatra. After the explosion in 1883, the present successional sequence was started on Rakata, and the smaller islands of Rakata Kecil and Sertung. Here volcanic ash sterilized the whole area. exactly the succe ssional sequence, which started with a few blades of grass on Rakata in 1884, has led to a lush tropical forest over the century. The pioneer species included

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Paper on THE KORAN and how it deals with 3 issues listed below Research

On THE KORAN and how it deals with 3 issues listed below - Research Paper Example agree to the Muslims the words of The Koran be indisputable and can never be changed by a pitying being. Various researches, conducted across the world, showed that the words of The Koran ar the same as they were at the time of apocalypse i-e fourteen hundred years ago. The Koran covers many themes but we are going to discuss tercet chief subjects discussed in The Koran. They are Suicide, Holy War (Jihad) and the use of Alcohol.By going through the respective(a) verses of The Koran, we find it lucid and apparent that the suicide is austerely banned in The Koran and in that respect are no exceptions to it. The philosophy of The Koran Says that life is a beautiful thing and it is the gift of Almighty Allah to the world being. It furthers describes that only Allah has the right to take his gift back. No human being is allowed to do so. And if he does, he will face the Wrath of Allah. Not only this that particular human being will never be allowed to enter the paradise. As the Last Prophet Muhammad SaysThough it is clear that suicide is strictly nix in Islam, but sacrificing life in the Holy war (Jihad) is allowed in Islam. In fact accord to The Koran one who fights for the prosperity and the advancement of the religion and sacrifices his life, he will not only be given direct entrance to the paradise but he will also be rapturous by the Almighty Allah.And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah but if they cease, let there be no aggression except to those who practise oppression. Al-Quran 2192-193It should also be noted that Allah has allowed this Holy war only against the forces of scare and corruption not against the normal and innocent human being. It does not matter to which religion they belong. There are various type of Jihad described in Islam. Jihad varies from pen to

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Motivational types Essay Example for Free

Motivational types EssayThe hypothesis for this study was Do genuine types of soulality traits determine idiosyncratic motivational types? The importance of this type of study has been recognized by umpteen researchers. For example Tett and Burnett (2003) determined that recognizing different personality types could determine how an individual might be influenced by sundry(a) motivational factors which in turn reflect how productive and viable an individual might be infra different work environments.The impact of finding a direct correlation among personality traits, and motivational types, could be significant in many industry fields. This paper considered the following motivational factors money, energy from another(prenominal) mint, the work environment, professional growth and power. In general the findings were unsurprising. For example many people mentioned that money was a motivational factor in their workplace, yet those on a higher pay were more antipathetic to say so.What was interesting in this study was the app arnt lack of significance of power on an individuals motivation to work. This would suggest that there are some personality types that firstly distinguish between power in the workplace and decision making, and secondly that some individuals prefer a position where they are not called on to make decisions. In relation to whether or not an individual classified himself as a private person and how this impacted motivation, only one scenario was considered that of being a private person and project planning.Although the results were not definitive there was a strong suggestion that those respondents who considered themselves private people, also like a structured work environment. This is supported by other results in the study such as the significant number of people that enjoyed working in a team environment, and those who found the energy of people around them a motivational factor.The limitations of this study included a nec essary restriction on the variables analyze and the small number of participants in the sample group. However many of the results found in the variables studied were quite an conclusive and further study with larger respondent groups and more variables associated with different personality types could prove utile in this area.References Tett, R. P. ,Burnett, D. D. (2003). A personality traitbased interactionist model of job performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 88, 500-517.

Associate Program Material Essay Example for Free

Associate Program Material Essay ponderous DriveHard drives are complex storage devices in a ready reckoner. When installing a firmly drive, you must care numerous interface standards. You also must think about specific factors, such as the computers application, the type of motherboard, speed and noise, gigabyte barriers, subsystems, future storage needs, and archival issues. Refer to Ch. 8 of A+ Guide To Managing Maintaining Your PC for a deeper understanding of these issues.You may measure hard drive performance by looking at three different sources of education. The first is the data rate, the number of bytes per second the driver fuel deliver to the processor. The second is the seek time, the amount of time it takes when the processor requests information from the driver and the first byte of information is delivered to the processor. The third is the memory capacity of the hard drive.For this assignment, you fill in the internal hard drives from the computer feature d in the Computer Hardware Simulator (CHS). The current internal hard drives are old and starting to fail. You need to replace the current hard drives with similar drives or drives with more storage capacity. Search the Internet for three types of hard drives compatible with the CHS computer, and enter your information for each drive into the New Hard Drive Chart below. subsequently comparing the two drives, make a recommendation on which you would purchase and justify your decision. You only subscribe a budget of $45 to work with, so choose carefully.

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Disadvantages of science Essay Example for Free

Disadvantages of lore EssayHow scientific discipline and Technology Affects Humans LifeScience and engine room argon two things related to each other. Science is a systematic knowledge base, where a series of steps is followed in order to reliably predict the type of outcome. It is each about theories and foc utilise on analysis. Science is the key by which man go anywhere at any term in the space. It has brought about several outstanding advantages to mankind. Technology, on the other hand, is more of an applied science. It is where tools and knowledge be use for the study of a particular science. It is all about process.What is life without science and engineering? Nowadays, slew cornerstonet imagine their lives without technology. Anywhere they go and whatever they do, there are many things related to science. These are valet de chambres inventions and innovations or various technologies surround them that provide their needs. Even in their daily activities or art less tasks, they are already using those technologies. Refrigerators, microwaves, televisions, cellular phones, laptops, digital cameras, cars, computers and lights are some technologies that human uses in their daily lives. These technologies really provide them many advantages. It is easy to think about the advantages however, for your information technology has overly disadvantages.Science and Technology helps human beings make their lives easier in such a way that it helps them in every sector. manage in transportation, through cars, airplanes or trains, they can travel faster to their desired places. From inventions and innovations of great minds, robots and machines are do to help people make lesser mistakes. Be driveway of technology, man can save his time, efforts and give him a timberland to his works. Moreover, technology increases production. People can create multiple materials in a short period of time because of modern machines. Most of all, one of the more or les s important advantages of technology is through the field of medical science or human health. Because of the inventions of technology for surgical operations and discoveries of many medicines, humans life couple will be lengthened and will save innocent lives.Science and Technology to a fault changed humans way of communicating. From telephones to cellular phones, then came the computers and Internets which gave them information. Through these, now they can do video conferences to their lamb ones at abroad or chatting their friends. Satellite talk is another important dimension of technology. Satellite TV s and satellite radios have eased the broadcasting of events across the globe. Computers can store, organize and manage capacious amounts of data. They can process large amounts of information. Computers have given rise to the software industry, one of the most state-of-the-art industries of the world. Gad let downs can give entertainment not only to teenagers but to everyone. In addition technology also gives assurance or for emergency use.On the other hand, with the advancement in the field of latest technology, people face many disadvantages out of the benefit of modern technology. It can harm our environment. New transportation technology causes pollution by the smoke or gas from factories and cars. Most people lost their job because companies took up automatic machines to improve their production with accuracy. Yet, the answers or discoveries that technology gave may not be always correct. These machines timber inexpensive and its good to use but once there are technical problems occur in machines, it took much time to fix it and also it can be more expensive. There are also side effects of technology in our health. This can cause growth of eye disease, increase of organic structure weight and can cause cancer because of radiation of specific technology.Science and Technology can cause peoples communication poor. According to Lauren Nelson, when c ommunicating face to face, nonverbal behaviors provide context clues for the words we use. Unfortunately, the Wall roadway Journal found that technologies like email, texting and instant messaging remove these important context clues, and can steer to misunderstandings. Sarcasm and jokes without nonverbal context cues can cause frustration. Though smiley faces with different expressions called emoticons are sometimes used to substitute traditional nonverbal cues, they fall far short of what face-to-face communication can provide.He also states that as more students buy cell phones, iPods, and gaming systems, technologys impact on effective communication is becoming more pronounced. As the District Chronicles reports, teachers attempting to convey messages about lessons and textbooks find students are texting, playing, or hearing to music. Not only does this mitigate the teachers ability to communicate lessons, but it hurts future communicative interaction betwixt the teacher an d student because of the lack of respect it conveys. The youth has also been very much addicted to gadgets that they get to spend too much time with it and creates their own world.Technology can make people lazy. many people are already dependent and embrace this technology. Like students playing computer games instead of outlet to school or study. Technology also brings us privacy issues. From cell phone signal interceptions to email hacking, people are now worried about their once private information becoming everyday knowledge and making profit out of video scandals. Advanced technology has also created thousands of cases of cyber crimes, cheating and fraud. And most of all because of the new technology, the world may be facing terrorists threat and all of us are afraid of nuclear war.If people of the world use these inventions and innovations in a right way, we are all going to be benefited out of these but if the motive of a human being is not positive, certainly they will fa ce the technologys disadvantages.

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A view from the bridge Essay Example for Free

A view from the bridge EssayWhen Arthur Miller origin wrote A View from the Bridge in 1955 he wrote it as a angiotensin converting enzyme act take on written in the style of a Greek melodrama. Later, in 1956, he wrote the full length version we k instanter today in modern style. The theme of the Greek tragedy is continued however including historical facts used by Alfieri to demonstrate the history of violence and tragedy commode every Italian American.Alfieri opens the stand for and speaks directly to the audience rather than at them. This gives the audience a sense datum of intimacy though exchangeable Alfieri they will fuddle no influence on the play itself. Alfieris role in the play is to do the action and relate it to the audience and by the end of the play he is the only character that seems to have any sympathy for Eddie even though he has been describe by critic Shay Daly as not a full flesh and blood character. Alfieri is effectively playing the chorus in thi s tragedy and comparable in Greek and Roman tragedies the chorus is al right smarts filled with foreboding for the coming events Alfieri invests this sense of tragedy strongly in his opening narration and like the chorus of many Greek tragedies is weak to stop an eventually tragic outcome.Alfieri mentions Al Capone, calling him the greatest Carthaginian. At first we might study that he means Al Capone is a law breaker punished by the law as represented by Rome because Carthage was destroyed by Rome. By later mentioning Calabria and especially Syracuse as well as justly shot by unjust men we know Alfieri means Al Capone represents a Carthage from an earlier age. Rome hardly existed and Carthage, competing for the rule of Sicily, would punish those who broke the rules of war, such as the tyrant Agathocles of Syracuse who was famed for his cruelty and who, unprovoked, attacked his unsuspecting neighbours. Al Capone has become a kind of hero for the norm Italian American upholding the Sicilian family ethos.Another key theme in the play is that of the relationship between Eddie and Catherine which from the very start of the play is lively intimate and flirtatious. Eddie greets Catherine first when he comes home imparting the view that she is more important to him than Beatrice. Eddies masculinity is outlined in this scene, he is very much a masculine man who finds it difficult to come to terms with his emotional side and shows this by ordering Beatrice and Catherine around objet dart he imparts news and drinks beer in his chair. Catherine sits by his chair in a pose of supplication, slave like, tranquil and obedient to Eddie. A sense of foreboding runs not just through Alfieris opening speech scarce throughout Beatrice and Catherines lines. An example of this is Catherines shocked No and Beatrice who is half in fear and afraid. These fearful premonitions point the way for the tragedy to unfold.Alfieri makes us awake(predicate) of the law in Red Hook it i s not the law of the presidency but the law of Sicilian values upheld by its citizens. Alfieri is aware and is part of both types of law, he is aware of the limitations to both laws and the consequences of someone going outside either law.We settle for half, as Alfieri says, or compromise which is one of the key ideas in this play. The audience is made aware of this idea of compromise early on in the play and the fact that Alfieri likes it better suggests that it is better because he no longer has to keep a side arm in his filing cabinet. Compromise defeats violence and those who wont compromise will be left behind it is failure to compromise which is the eventual downfall of Eddie because he wont change. This is not Eddies fault, his character is usually described as forceful, obsessive, warm, protective, irrational, and self-interested.Alfieri suggests that Eddies type held back the civilisation of Red Hook, and as sympathetic as he is towards Eddie now he is dead and they are qu ite civilised, quite American. Like Stanley in A Streetcar named Desire, Eddie is curt more than an uneducated and driven man but he has become obsolete next to a man like Rodolpho who Eddie criticises he cooks, he sings, he could make dresses and the new working woman like Catherine.Every theme and idea in this play is sowed by Alfieri, Catherine and Beatrice in the first five pages to be later expanded upon throughout-which is why these first few pages are so vital to the play.Bibliographyhttp//www.forumromanum.org

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Hamlet Essay Example for Free

juncture EssayWhat pose you come to understand near the impatient human kinships of small town? How has this understanding been affected by the perspectives of some others? In you response you should focus on 3 pellets in the play and a range of perspectives. The intense human relationships of Hamlet have been viewed through numerous perspectives even so all have r severallyed the same conclusions. With the exception of just one, the friendship of Hamlet and Horatio, all the relationships argon unjust, dysfunctional and destined to fail. Being a revenge tragedy it is immediately clear this play is fill with lies, deceit and treachery.The ex figure out time of Hamlets composition is unknown, however it is assumed to be amidst 1599 and 1602. This was a dark, melancholy time in Shakespeares life with the demise of his start in 1601 and the death of his only son, Hamnet aged 11, in 1596. It is believed that these events had a significant impact on the writing of Hamlet as the play is heavy with death and has a great similarity with this sons name. Some perspectives that have been adopted to view and understand the intense human relationships of Hamlet are a sacred, psychoanalytic and feminist perspective.When Shakespeare first wrote Hamlet he lived in a severely religious society where people could be fined for not attending church. Therefore, at this time in history many people had a religious attitude and perspective on the play. The psychoanalytical perspective focuses on the unconscious mind and how it dictates behaviour. This perspective became habitual when Sigmund Freud, a well-known psychologist, began developing his psychoanalytic theory, The Oedipus Complex, in 1897. The feminist perspective is often centred around strong women and became particularly popular in the 1950s being a post world war 2 period.Women were involved in many aspects of the war and made ground in their equality with men. However, when the war ended, women were encourage to return to their household duties and this sparked frequently controversy. The family relationship between Hamlet and Gertrude is one of the most intense in the entire play. Their relationship reaches a climax in act 3 scene 4 when Hamlet confronts his mother about her relationship with Claudius and her involvement in the murder of powerfulness Hamlet, mother, you have my father much offended.Hamlet sees Gertrude as an adulteress for adopting her husbands brother two months after his death and believes she is awake(predicate) that Claudius scratch offed King Hamlet, Almost as bad, good mother, As kill a king and marry with his brother. When exploring this scene from a feminist perspective it can be seen that Gertrude cares deeply for her son yet he scorns her for her recent actions, You go not till I set you up a crosspatch where you may see the inmost part of you. Despite there being no evidence that Gertrude is aware of Claudiuss deed, Hamlet does not trust his mother and this consequently results in his inability to trust other women.The Oedipus Complex comes to the fore when the relationship of these two characters is examined with a psychoanalytical perspective. Freuds complex suggests that every boy from the age of 3-4 years begins to have unconscious versed desires for his mother and regards his father as his rival. Through canvass this scene from a psychoanalytical perspective it is prominent that Hamlet has an obsession with his mothers sexual relationship with Claudius. He claims that she lives In the rank sweat of an enseamed bed.The scene takes place in Gertrudes bedroom, which is important as its privacy and intimacy allows Hamlet to express himself fully to his mother and being a place where sexual activity occurs, suggests Hamlets repressed sexual desires. The scene ends with Hamlet possessively demanding her unless go not to my uncles bed and uses multiple sexual references when he tells her to not let Claudius Pinch want on on your cheek, counter you his mouse. Relating this to the Oedipus complex, Hamlet appears to be more like a jealous lover than a interested son.Examining act 3 scene 4 from different perspectives gives varied insights into Gertrude and Hamlets relationship, yet each perspective deduces that it is a dishonourable relationship with no mutual trust or respect. Another dishonourable family relationship in Hamlet is that between Ophelia and her father Polonius. Polonius manipulates Ophelia for his own benefit, treating her like a tool earlier than a person.Their relationships becomes pitiful when she receives orders from her father and responds with I shall bey, my lord, implying that she is at the service of her father. Through the analysis of act 4 scene 5 a deeper understanding can be reached about Ophelias relationship with her late father. Following the death of Polonius, Ophelias mind becomes unhinged as she drifts into insanity, speaking in songs and rhymes. Considering this scene from a feminists perspective it can be thought that Ophelia went mad with guilt having her desire for Hamlet to kill her father so that they can be together fulfilled.This theory strongly supports the idea that the relationship between Ophelia and Polonius was dysfunctional as she felt shed never be free to make her own choices until her father was dead. The friendship between Hamlet and Horatio is the only admirable one. Horatio is the one character that Hamlet speaks to openly and confides in. He remains loyal and swears himself to secrecy about the ghost and the pretence of Hamlets madness. He conspires with Hamlet to prove Claudius killed King Hamlet and he stands by him through Ophelias death.It is the final scene of the play when the true termination of their friendship is confirmed. Act 5 scene 2 begins with Hamlet confiding in Horatio and reciting the fate of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to him. This set ahead validates their friendship and Hamlets trust in his loya l friend. The scene draws to a close with Horatio wishing to join Hamlet in death. This selfless declaration and his final words to Hamlet before he dies good dark sweet Prince, and flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest convey his everlasting faithfulness to Hamlet.Through examining the friendship of Hamlet and Horatio from the line of the play to the end, it is clear that, unlike all the other relationships, there is never a doubt about the sincerity of their friendship. Through the close and critical analysis of Hamlet, you can come to the understanding that all but one of the intense human relationships within the play are dishonourable, dysfunctional and destined to fail. Considering this interpretation in the light of other perspectives the same conclusion can be drawn about the relationships.

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Science Investigatory Project Essay Example for Free

Science Investigatory realise EssayAbstractThe genus Ananas is one of the leading merchandises in the Philippines, as it thrives in tropical climates. However, the pineapple plant cutisings have low commercial value and are therefore merely thrown away, contributing to the Philippines extravagance problem. This study entitled Saccharification of Pineapple Ananas comosus peelings through Dilute acrimonious Hydrolysis was conducted to know the compactness of abrasion content which can be apply for other purposes like bioethanol.Three samples were used, from each one sample was self-possessed of two trials S1T1 (60 stratum Celsius for 30 min. ), S1T2 (60 degree Celsius for 60 min.), S2T1 (70 degree Celsius for 30 min.), S2T2 (70 degree Celsius for 60 min.), S3T1 (80 degree Celsius for 30 min.), S3T2 (80 degree Celsius for 60 min). The phenol- sulfuric back breaker method was used to determine the concentration of borecole content present in the substrate. The test rev ealed that the profane cutting hydrolysis is an effective way and can starting line pineapple peelings based on the standard curve. However, the temperature and time was found out that they both have no significant difference in grant greater concentration of prize as what as the statistical analysis revealed using Kruskal-Wallis test and Mann Whitney U-test.INTRODUCTIONBackground of the studyPineapple (Ananas comosus) is the common name for a tropical fix and its edible issue which are meltd berries. Pineapples are the only bromeliad fruit in widespread cultivation. It can be grown as an ornamental, especially from the leafy tops. Some sources say that the plant will flower after about 24 months produce a fruit during the following hexad months while others indicate a 20-month timetable. Pineapple is eaten fresh or canned or juiced. It is popularly used in desserts, salads, as a complement to meat dishes and infruit cocktail. The popularity of the pineapple is due to its sweet-sour taste containing 15% sugar and malic and citric fruit acids. It is also laid-back in vitamin B1, B2, B6 and C. Its protein-digesting enzyme bromelain seems to help digestion at the end of a high protein meal. In the Philippines, pineapple leaves are used as the source of a textile fiber called pia. The pineapple is a herbaceous short-lived perennial plant which grows to 1.0 to 1.5 metres (3.3 to 4.9 ft) tall. The plant only produces one fruit and then dies. Commercially suckers that appear around the base are cultivated.It has 30 or more long, narrow, fleshy, trough-shaped leaves with shrewd spines along the margins that are 30 to 100 centimetres (1.0 to 3.3 ft) long, surrounding a thick composition. In the first course of growth the axis lengthens and thickens, bearing numerous leaves in close spirals. After 12 to 20 months the stem grows into a spike-like inflorescence up to 15 cm long with over 100 spirally arranged, trimerous flowers, each subtended by a bract. F lower colours vary, depending on variety, from lavender, through light purple to red. The ovaries develop into berries which coalesce into a large, compact, multiple accessory fruit. The fruit of a pineapple is arranged in two involution helices, eight in one direction, thirteen in the other, each being a Fibonacci number. (http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pineapple) Saccharification is the work of severance a complex moolah into its monosaccharide components.It is the hydrolysis of carbohydrates such as cellulose and starch. It increases hydrolysis rates by trim back product inhibition of enzymes and reduces tank usage by combining the processes into one (http//www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/saccharification) Phenol Sulfuric Acid Method is an example of a colorimetric method that is widely used to determine the total concentration of carbohydrates present in foods. A clear aqueous solution of carbohydrates to be analyzed is placed in a test tube, then phenol and sulfuric acid a re added.The solution turns a yellow- orangeness color as a result of the interaction between the carbohydrates and phenol.The sulfuric acid causes all non- reducing sugars to be converted to reducing sugars so that this method determines the total sugar present. This method is non- stoichemetric and so it is requisite to prepare a calibration curve using a series of standard known carbohydrate concentration (http//www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/phenol-sulfuric acid method). Dilute Acid Hydrolysis is a process of hydrolyzing lignocellulosic squares by subjecting dried lignocellulosic material in a reactor to a catalyst comprised of a load solution of a beefed-up acid to lower the activation energy of cellulose hydrolysis and ultimately obtain higher sugar yields (http//www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/dilute acid hydrolysis).Statement of the ProblemThis study aims to saccharify pineapple Ananas comosus peelings through dilute acid hydrolysis. Specifically, the study attem pts1. To know whether the dilute acid hydrolysis is an effective way of yielding concentration of sugar from pineapple peelings 2. To determine whether the temperature has an effect on the concentration of sugar 3. To determine whether the length of time of reacion can profess the concentration of sugar that will be obtained. Hypothesis1. The dilute acid hydrolysis is an effective way of yielding a greater concentration of sugar. 2. The higher the temperature of the solution, the greater the concentration. 3. The longer the time of reaction, the greater the concentration of sugar that will be obtained.Significance of the studyOn average, 435,000 metric tons of pineapples are produced annually in the Philippines, which is one of the countrys leading commercial fruit products. However, there are a surge of unused excess parts of the pineapple, notably the peelings, which are considered as waste and contribute to the countrys garbage problem.This study aims to utilize pineapple peeli ngs as a substrate for Saccharification process through dilute acid hydrolysis. By means of this, the concentration of sugar present in this biomass can be contumacious which can be use for other purposes and for other studies such as producing bioethanol or even biofuel. background signal and LimitationThis study is limited to the use of pineapple Ananas comosus peelings as a substrate for the saccharification process. The peel samples were bought from the market. The experiment was conducted at Chemical Engineering where the chemicals and other laboratory materials were obtained located at University of the Philippines at Los Baos, Laguna from November to December 2010. The study focuses only on the determination of the concentration of sugar present in the pineapple peelings.Definition of TermsAbsorbance- is defined as the ratio of the radiant flux absorbed by a body to that incident upon it. Glucose- is called as a simple sugar or monosaccharideSaccharification the process of breaking a complex carbohydrate (as starch or cellulose) into its monosaccharide components Spectrophotometer- consists of two instruments, namely a spectrometer for producing light of any selected color (wavelength), and a photometer for measuring the intensity of light. Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) is a clear, colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is very corrosive. Sugar- is a term for a class of edible crystal clear carbohydrates, mainly sucrose, lactose, and fructose characterized by a sweet flavor. In food, sugar almost exclusively refers to sucrose, which earlier comes from sugar cane and sugar beet. Standard curve- is a quantitative research tool, a method of plotting handicap data that is used to determine the concentration of a substance. It can be used in numerous biological experiments.

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Ethics in health services and policy a global approach Essay Example for Free

Ethics in health services and policy a orbicular approach Essay honourable dilemmaIntroduction Ethics is the study of sensible thinking. Nurses front moral dilemmas on their daily employments. Ethical activities depend on several factors. What one individual think as moral may be different from another persons approach of the serving? Nurses encounter honorable dilemma regardless of where they function in wide-ranging travails. These principled decisions can create a collision to the suckles as well as their endurings. In general, there is no apposite decision to a moral dilemma. An ethical dilemma can be defined as a troth without satisfying solution. The significance of moral decision making depend on the perception that regardless of many ethical alternatives made pertaining to a given ethical dilemma, the resultant choice can pose to uncomplete right nor wrong judgment. Ethics involve doing right and causing no impairment. However, definition of principle s varies from one nurse to the other. Ethical guideline classes provide the nurse with suitable tools to base moral decisions upon. Though, these principles argon habitually influence by the beliefs, values and knowledge of the nurse. Accordingly, various choices may be raised concerning the identical impasse. There be assorted ethical distresses that nurses can come across in the place of work. They accommodate freedom versus control, tincture versus quantity of sprightliness, truth telling versus deception, pro-choice versus pro-life, empirical knowledge versus ain beliefs, and distri only ifion of resources. Quantity efficiency focus on an individual life span whereas quantity focuses on the number of citizens who will be influenced by the judgment. Quality address the goodness of life of a person, but it varies depending on how a person defines good. For example the nurses position in supporting the uncomplaining deciding among a therapy that will lengthen life, but compr ehending the quality of life. The patients life may be extended, but will experience major unattractive effects from the therapy. Nurses are called upon to use moral perceptions in delivering patient care. Ethical perceptions include provision of accurate, good and coherent care. Patients necessitate to be offered prospects to put across their impropriety of preference in determine how they desire to be attended and in acquiring services. Ethical nurses put that they are obliged to offer individualized care which will help the patient to realize their highest welfare. Ethical nursing care is based on lucid decision making and science. There are intravenous feeding funda psychical concepts which are significant to a proficient nursing practice. They include respect for patient self-rule, the occupation to operate with generosity, no mischief and justice. Nurses present respect to the patient self-rule by enhancing and recognizing a patients freedom of preference, respect their opi nions, and providing privacy. The National League for nurse issued a statement which highlights patient rights. Nurses are expected to encourage the rights of patients and advocate for patients who are unaware of their rights. Nurses exhibit generosity by helping patients to attain their highest welfare. This can be attained by developing health care policies that partake large population or provision of direct care to individual patients. Nurses are not allowed to piss any damage to their patients. This is the principal of non-mischief. Nurses often do have to perform operations which remove the patients uncomfortable. For example, when a nurse is administering an injection to the patient. Patients need medication to relief the sicknesses, though, in the help of relieving the symptom, the nurse might case distress. Non-mischief must be balanced by kindness, while providing patient care. The intention of the nurse provides a treatment whose gain must outweigh the discomfort c aused. The nurse aim must be to assist quite than causing impairment. Equality and justice in nursing care is usually linked to the delivery of services. The true health care restructuring strategy is an end result of people acknowledging that the present health care mental synthesis requires streamlining. Controversy arises over what is practical, fair, and efficiently realistic. Nurses are involved at every phase of current health care classification, assisting with policy development and decision making. overlords propose that nursing concept of ethical care is great case and needs staid implementation throughout the nursing practice. It is related to medical replica of ethics since it deals with life and death matters. The nursing model is one of the personal patient empowerment. Ethical nurses control health care reform plan which put emphasis on healing even in situations where readiness is impossible. It position quality of life at the front line. Ethical dilemmas whic h the nurses face everyday are diverse. They include assorted topics such as end of life care and supplying ratios. Nurses might face ethical dilemma as they attend patients with disabilities which might position them at peril for self-harm. For instance, an aged patient might be eager to stroll without directive. The nurse desires to endorse patient sovereignty, though the possibility of patient harm because of move may be large. The dilemma is how to balance the contrasting situations. The nurse is in a dilemma to prefer which one is more significant between security and independence. Each family, patient and health care staff faces these challenges in daily basis. Momentous challenges may be experienced by nurses operating with parents who have infants with mental or physical disabilities. The nurse is left to decide whether it is moral to subject the infant to an inexperienced process which will impose pain if it provides them with distinct chance of survival. The nurses have to decide whether it is ethical to prolong life while the quality of life is being comprehended. Recent research findings reveal that, nurses as caregivers central to health care, face a growing rate of ethical dilemma. The know-how is helping patients to endure serious sicknesses. However, recent studies grass that people are surviving, but they are not living decent lives. Nurses have a task of executing clinical and educational operations which deal with the subject that headmaster care provides. The other dilemma is that there are insufficient health care resources across the world. The resources are also not as scattered. The nurses are left to en indisputable that there is equitable distribution of health care resources. Patients from various cultures and personal experiences may present with different opinions of what is moral. The nurse can serve as resource to make sure that every individual feels that their opinions were considered. They have to decide who should get t he scarce resources? For instance, nurses works with patients living in vegetive state nurses decide whether these patients should be left on life maintenance? The outlay of sustaining these patients is high. The patients might be consuming possessions that could be utilized by patients whom such expensive interventions, if reachable, could set aside their lives. The dilemma is determining the position of the nurse when a family wishes to go on with life hold up for a medically ineffective patient. In conclusion, ethical principles are very noteworthy in the nursing practices since they direct the nurses to make their every day decisions. The nurses, however, face ethical dilemma since they are not able to settle to a superior decision. Nursing is a profession that requires a lot of decision making since they are working to save patient lives, though they are required to make decisions depending on the code of ethics.ReferencesBlasi, A. E. (2012). An Ethical Dilemma. diary of Lega l Medicine, 33(1), 115-128.Burkhardt, M. A., Nathaniel, A. K. (2008). Ethics issues in contemporary nursing (3rd ed.). Clifton Park, NY Thomson Delmar Learning.Butts, J. B., Rich, K. (2008). Nursing ethics across the curriculum and into practice (2nd ed.). Sudbury, Mass. Jones and Bartlett Publishers.Garber, P. R. (2008). The ethical dilemma. Amherst, Mass. HRD Press.Garber, P. R. (2008). The ethical dilemma. Amherst, Mass. HRD Press.Harris, D. M. (2011). Ethics in health services and policy a global approach. San Francisco Jossey-Bass.Harris, D. M. (2011). Ethics in health services and policy a global approach. San Francisco Jossey-Bass.Hendrick, J. (2000). Law and ethics in nursing and health care. Cheltenham Stanley Thornes.Hoffman, J. (2003). A Knotty Ethical Dilemma. Emergency Medicine News, 25(1), 36.Johnstone, M. (2007). Clinical risk heed and the ethics of open disclosure when things go wrong Implications for the nursing profession. Australasian Emergency Nursing Journal , 10(4), 215-216.Liaschenko, J., Peter, E. (2004). Nursing ethics and conceptualizations of nursing profession, practice and work. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 46(5), 488-495. Retrieved February 8, 2009, from http//dx.doi.org/10.1111/j.1365-2648.2004.03011.xLinzer, N. (2003). An Ethical Dilemma in Volunteer Professional Relationships. Social Thought, 22(4), 37-51.Lowe, M. (2000). Ethical dilemma. A question of competence. Age and Ageing, 29(2), 179-182.Martin, C. W., Vaught, W., Solomon, R. C. (2010). Ethics across the professions a reader for professional ethics. New York Oxford University Press.Mcmahon, R. L. (2003). An ethical dilemma in a hospice setting. Palliative Supportive Care, 1(01), 35.Miller, S., Selgelid, M. J. (2008). Ethical and philosophical context of the dual-use dilemma in the biological sciences. New York Springer.Monga, M. (2007). An Ethical Dilemma. Monash Business Review, 3(3), 34-35.Pattison, S. (2010). Emerging values in health care the challenge for pr ofessionals. London Jessica Kingsley Publishers.Spector, T. (2001). The ethical architect the dilemma of contemporary practice. New York Princeton Architectural Press.Spector, T. (2001). The ethical architect the dilemma of contemporary practice. New York Princeton Architectural Press.Tschudin, V. (2003). Approaches to ethics nursing beyond boundaries. Edinburgh Butterworth-Heinemann.Tschudin, V., Davis, A. J. (2008). The globalisation of nursing. Oxford Radcliffe Pub..APA change by BibMe.org.Source document

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The different views of London presented by the two poets Essay Example for Free

The different views of capital of the United Kingdom presented by the deuce poets EssayCompare the different views of London presented by the two poets. Refer closely to the textbook in your answer.The meters London by William Blake and A View From Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth were both written close to the turn of the 19th century. Both account London in genuinely different ways, highlighting the aspects of Londons garble ego. Blakes poesy is a scathing dishonour on both the city and its inhabitants. In contrast, Wordsworths numbers reflects the cosmetic value of the scene. The craft employed by the poets helps to reflect the difference in tone between the two poems.In Blakes poem, London is brutally painted as a dark, dirty, disease ridden and deprived place. He does this by describing the pot who live in this hapless city and the mind forged manacles that bind the people to their lives of misery. Wordsworths poem describes a scene in the early morning o f the view from Westminster bridge .It uses grandiose imagery to describe the beautiful majesty of the city and praises both nature and mans achievements, and how they can co-exist harmoniously the beauty of the morning silent, bare, /ships, towers, domes, theatres. This is very different from Blakes poem which talks of the people, like the chimney sweepers cry and the hapless soldiers sigh. As Blake wanders thro each hire street hes clearing these people and acknowledging their sadness.The purpose of Blakes poem is to out line of business the hardships and low standard of living indoors London. Blake calls the streets chartered, Chartered can be interpreted to mean responsibility of the church or state or licensed on the other hand it can be use to mean licentious and freely immoral. Taken in context with the rest of the poem I consider it to mean freely immoral. Blake shows an unmistakable disgust for the city and its people.He sees in the people marks of weakness, marks of wo e clearly display that the people are living poor lives in squander. On the other hand, Wordsworths poem is an exaggerated testimony to the beauty of London. He says the city like a garment doth wear the beauty of the morning. Wordsworth is touched by the scene and is moved to write this poem describing the deep sense of calm and awe evoked in him. He wants to infect his readers with this feeling.Wordsworths poem immediately sets out how the author feels in the first line precept Dull would he be of soul who could pass by, a sight so touching in its majesty. Inferring that the sight of London would evoke strong views in everyone who sees it as it clearly does in Wordsworth. Wordsworths poem is do more charged in the penultimate line where he says Dear God The very houses look asleep He is so overwhelmed by the indifference of London that he feels the need to invoke gods name. In contrast nowhere in the Blake poem does he use direct speech to heighten every of the emotions. Wor dsworths poem uses words like glideth and smokeless air to give a sense of calm tranquillity to his words. This makes me feel peaceful and hygienic-nigh sleepy as the words flow along in an almost dreamlike fashion.William Blakes poem conveys his feelings in a more abstract style, when he uses the people of London to cook up the institutions, which they are associated with. He says the hapless soldiers sigh runs in blood down palace walls. Here he is criticising the monarchy and government for condemning young men to death by sending them off to fight in foreign wars. It is obvious from words such as woe and appals that Blake is disgusted with what he sees in London. The reader would undoubtedly feel great pity for the people of London at this time.The poets use different symbolism to convey their ideas to the reader. Wordsworth shows his feelings for London in a figurative way. He personifies the sun, river and the city. He continues this simile giving the river a will. He says The City now doth like a garment wear the beauty of the morning this gives the mental picture that the city is alive and therefore more exciting and wonderful instead of it being an inanimate show of buildings. Wordsworths sonnet is written in regular iambic pentameter which emphasises the rhyme and thus the beauty of London. Wordsworth also uses lists, Ships, towers, domes, theatres, so that it seems that he is so overwhelmed by the amount of beauty he cannot get his words out card-playing enough. He also uses hyperbole in saying, Never did sun more beautifully steep. Wordsworth cannot know this so he uses exaggeration to heighten the tone and impact.William Blakes London is written in four, four line stanzas. from each one line of each verse has the same number of syllables this creates a regimented effect that orders the poem well whilst accentuating the depressing tone of the poem. Without using over exaggerated language the poet reflects his own disgust at the scene. It use s riffle line rhyming . street flow . meet woe which makes the poem sound regular and draws the readers tending to the last word of each line creating a bigger impact. Blake also uses repetition to begin triad lines with, In every..This drums the message home for the reader, which coupled with the violent vocabulary, blood, creates a bigger impact. Each verse of the Blake poem attacks a different aspect of London so although the tone does not change the focus of the attack does and the reader is struck with more evidence of the appalling state of London. In the last verse of the Blake poem there is the image of sexually convey disease, which is a symbol of their society. It describes the youthful harlots curse blasting the young infant. This is showing that sexually transmitted disease affects everyone because the young are born into this promiscuous society. The last line uses the image of a marriage hearse being blighted by plagues. This image in my opinion is the sexually tr ansmitted disease.Both poems show very different feelings towards London. You would have to compare them to other texts of the time to see which is more accurate though I believe it is Blakes poem. If I had to pick which I preferred I would choose the Blake poem. Wordsworths poem is indeed very beautiful and profound in its testament towards the beauty of London in the early morning. But Blakes poem has a deeper meaning as with the imagery of the sexually transmitted disease.It also describes London from the eyes of its people whereas Wordsworths poem only speaks of the beauty of the morning and no people are mentioned anywhere. So where Wordsworth is perhaps looking at the scenery with rose-tinted spectacles or hankering later on a by-gone age, Blake depicts the reality of the newly industrialised London and all its woes. I believe this is the main shaping difference between the poems and that this contrast makes it very difficult to rate one above the other as their strengths lie in different places.

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Barangay Information System Essay Example for Free

Barangay Information System look forSignifi standce of the Study-This study was made to find out that the use of residence culture formation depart lessen the time for the transaction of encoding. Also in using this system it can spot the person involve in this study. To the Barangay It testament help for them to lessen the time for the transaction of encoding. The system will be the census like having a system of the barangay for all of its constituents and new people who will move in the place. The system will be effective in maintaining, searching and storing of immortalises of all resident in the barangay.To the Residence For they will be accommodated easily for they will have an identification that can be employ to access their accounts if there are some changes to be done in their part. It will also be easy for them in requesting some teaching and services because the barangay had already have it. This will also envision the residents that their information is properly secured and maintain through the manipulation of the proposed system.To the Secretary of the Barangay It will help to organize the record and monitor the information of the residence.ForeignFor further understanding of the study, the researchers made use of different reading materials related to to the information system. These materials such as books, magazines, newspapers, thesis and another(prenominal) web articles are essential in broadening the knowledge of the researchers. These will also guide the researchers to achieve their target objectives by getting ideas on other related studies and make improvements as possible. According to Jennifer Rowley (2005), information system are a tool to back off information management.Information systems are increasingly being used in organizations with the object of providing competitive advantage. The information systems used by organizations can be grouped into different types such as transaction touch on system, executive information system,expert systems and office information systems. Information Technology has heralded the advent of the information society.The University of Minnesota Research and Training Center has released its annual Residential Information Systems Project accounting. The report provides extract-by-state statistics with long-term trends on residential services, settings, populations and expenditures for people with developmental disabilities in state, nonstate, and Medicaid-funded residential programs. Characteristics of residents, movement and staffing patterns in large state residential facilities are included.The report uses 2012 data to examine trends in residential supports for people with developmental disabilities. The report found that the majority of people with IDD that do not live with a family member live in a setting with three or fewer people with IDD, with more than three-fourths sharing a home with six of fewer people. The report notes that there are signific ant differences in the data surrounded by states for many topic areas, including setting size, waiting lists, and average expenditures for HCBS. OBrien, (2011) defines information system as the organize combination of people, hardware,software, communication networks and data resources, that control, transform and disseminateinformation in an organization.In partial fulfilment for the requirements in package Project presented to the faculty of IT DepartmentEbora, Vanessa Grace I.Casas, Lori Anne S.Rapisora, Sheryl L.Tambongco, StevenCHAPTER 1The Problem and Its BackgroundIntroduction conniption of the StudyThe study was conducted at Barangay Katipunan-Bayani which has a approximate popul.ation of 8,000 residents. The barangay is located at Rodriguez Ave. Tanay, Rizal.Vicinity map of Barangay Katipunan-Bayani supposed FrameworkConceptual FrameworkStatement of the ProblemThis discuss about the problems of existing system that will be resolve by the researcher through computerized R esidence Information Sysytem1. Open- source data2. Back-up remembering incase of loss3. Time consuming of filing application form4. Sharing of documents5. File rememberingObjectivesGeneralThe researcher aims to develop a system that will help the client to reduce the pervert of the barangay staffs in saving the residents files.Specific1. shoot a security to secured all the important records of the residents.2. Have a back-up storage file in case of corrupting data.3. Have a network-based for easy transferring of file needed.4. Have a data base for data storage.Scope and LimitationThe system is designed to have a security for the records to be secured thatonly the authorized person can only handle the system. It can be saved on a folder for file back-up. It has data base for storage of saved data. It can print documents such as Barangay Clearance, Indigency etc.The system cannot produce hard copy of total records of barangay constituents. it did not contain residence number.

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Romeo and Juliet Essay Example for Free

Romeo and Juliet EssayBoth the movie and the play, Romeo and Juliet were called star-crossed lovers, meaning their fate put across them together, and neared them to their tragic demise. The movie had shown their first encounter as a magical affair where enchanted melody played in their ears and the two fell deep in love with one another. Seconds earlier, Romeo had also been deeply in love with another woman, Rosaline Capulet. Romeo had described young Rosaline as a beautiful young lady, who had spurned him and swore to remain chaste for the rest of her life, which had devastated him. But from the moment he laboth the movie and the play, Romeo and Juliet were called star-crossed lovers, meaning their fate become them together, and neared them to their tragic demise.The movie had shown their first encounter as a magical affair where enchanted medication played in their ears and the two fell deeply in love with one another. Seconds earlier, Romeo had also been deeply in love with another woman, Rosaline Capulet. Romeo had described young Rosaline as a beautiful young lady, who had rejected him and swore to remain chaste for the rest of her life, which had devastated him.

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Myth Of Sisyphus And The Allegory Cave Essay Example for Free

Myth Of Sisyphus And The Allegory Cave EssayIn the world of philosophy, it is astray known conception that Socrates and Plato had been the first few philosophers. A friend of mine once told me that some things that argon said by philosophers could be foot noned to Plato. However, the validity of this statement may remedy be dubit suitable or debatable. But there is a point in this statement. It would then be hard for me to identify which philosopher had graveled a compelling vision of the struggles and meaning of gentle support. Plato had presented as an idealist may be possessed of claimed that the man from the subvert who had halt a bun in the ovened the glaring sun would have to be the person who had sought the truth.Taking emerge the nonliteral aspect in the all(a)egory, it seems that what Plato wants to convey is that man and his folly could not be reined at times curiously when they are presented with the Truth. A man then who is estimateing to present this T ruth would then be deemed as insane or they would shun his/her asseverations as false or even wrong (Brians). On the an opposite(prenominal) hand, Camus has presented us with a different side of human nature. Upon reading the Myth, I could fairly deduce that Camus precious to convey the idea that Sisyphus ordeal could be taken in twofold.First is that it may just be pure torture to not be able to fulfill an ultimate goal and it could be seen as a victory on his part viz. being able to fulfill the destiny and be happy nearly it (Keefer). Reading what was said above and reading further the original text, there seems to be a connection between the two philosophers. The connection here is that Plato in his search for the truth is standardized Camus where it could be inferred that Camus discussion about life story in general could mean acknowledgeing the truth about life by doing the best we could in what we have in life.The connection may be discretional for others but this is w hat I could fairly deduce, so far. This certain connection then is making it hard for me to really choose which philosopher had best described the meaning and struggles of human life. I could always go for the idiosyncratic or eccentric way that people tend to cling to ignorance and half-truths, which would be taken here as the petty(a) t, or I could always go for the peculiar way where people would tend to find merriment in the absurd.Whichever philosopher I would choose, it would chill out trickle down to one idea, which is that the meaning and struggles that is present in human life could no longer be grasped in just choosing between the two philosophers. What they could present to us though is that a certain view about it but taking this question into the turgid cast would make it hard for a person to in truth present an answer as quickly as one could blink the eye. Alas, the specifications had been set. In lieu of what were mentioned above, it is in great belief that Albe rt Camus has presented us a extraordinary and dark approach in the struggles and meaning of human life.Not because his time is much closer than the present time but his approach has given over me a new perspective that Plato did not. Camus, description of human life could be construed as something absurd. It seems that he believed in finding happiness in the absurdities that are presented to us and still say that all is well (Keefer). In a way, his assertion could be observed through other people in this world. Some people rejoice in the merest things and some people find it hard to be happy about the simplest things.To sum up what constitutes human nature and life would take me a lifetime or more to make me come up with an answer. What could be done though is the guess that Camus claim could be justified in few of the people that I know. What is essentially a big score for Camus lead is that he had been able to deduce a certain aspect of human nature and life where there are t hose who could rejoice in the mundane thinking that this is their life and the struggles that they have commute with such embracing of life. Plato, by using his works, could be deemed as an idealist.His concept of the world of forms and world of objects (The philosophy of Plato), itself could be a way to rationalize his idealism. insofar, Plato had been one of the first few philosophers of his time and his deductions are commendable. This would not mean though that Plato would not have his flaws. One of this could be his assertion that man would continually find truths and few or nobody could be able to truly grasp the Truth since this Truth resides in the world of forms and it is what could be found in our soul (The Philosophy of Plato).What could be presented to us then is the duplicate of those Truths. This assertion may have been reasonable enough but as the course of the changing caterpillar tread of philosophy, Platos work could now be compared to other philosophers. The struggle then that a person would have according to Plato is to be able to find the truth and hopefully discover the big T, Truth (Brians). In this aspect, what could be the strongest point that the opposition could present then is the fact that indeed some people are still struggling to find the truth.The meaning of life or our real identity is few of the truths that could still be found. This may be a big point for the opposition but not all of the people would believe this as so. They would naturally attribute this as curiosity that we have regarding the concept of life and some people usually get lost along the way that they tend to just accept the absurdities that are happening around them. Finding the meaning of life and wondering about the struggles that presents us would have taken us a lifetime.It is actually a tedious and sometimes a disappointing exercise. Yet most of the people are still, consciously or unconsciously, tries to resolve this big matter. I may not be in a p osition to prescribe how a person would be able to happen upon these feats but I may be able to give out my own opinions about it. Choosing Camus work would definitely imply that I am under the impression that human life and conditions would not be easily resolved by trying to look for it in the form of the big T or Truth like Plato had insinuated in his allegory.It is in my opinion that some people would not be actually be able to find the real meaning of life but he/she could more or less find a certain idea of what it would mean to live out the life that he/she has. Camus had summed it up through his Myth. In a way, it would be up to us on how we would be able to address the jackpot question that is life. We may be the defeated hero or we could take it out as the defiance against the forever frustration of the question and try to live out the life that we already know it to be.Although this would not necessarily mean stagnation but it would be called embracing what we have and t ry to make it our own ultimate goal to succeed. This mean then that people would be able to careen the course or path that they could take especially when it could change in the long run. The only assertion that I could make then is that it would then depend on perspectives.Work CitedArticle from the link given Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus The Allegory of the cave. htm The Philosophy of Plato. 2002. September 21, 2007. http//radicalacademy. com/philplato1. htm.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Charlotte Accepting The Job Commerce Essay

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Charlotte Accepting The Job vocation EssayThe advantages of Charlotte accepting soulfulnessal credit line is cig atomic enumerate 18t focus the experience and expertise. This is because Charlotte tramp focus in their line of descent that he like to do. Whereas the advantages of Charlotte accepting capriole is the demand on the theatre directors time is high, ambiguous and uncertain direct environss and resistance to tilt is low.QUESTION 2 formulate the change in roles and learnings of forethought that charlotte has to play and drive with her position.Charlotte firstly civilizeed as machine operator its roles just be a staff that expire at lower levels her has little experience and knowledge. She had interpersonal roles stimulate at Coccob four year and she has opport building blockies be a whole shebang supervisory program. She atomic number 18 practised employees doesnt missed head for the hills at four year bleed and she had bingle and whole(a) of the high type and quantity in judicatures .she had the technical skill is the ability to utilize tools ,techniques and procedures that argon particularised to a particular fields. In additions,, charlotte had the human skill is the ability to nominate hard-hittingly with separates and she had the conceptual skill that the ability to analyze complex situations like she tummy satisfactory with position that its take.QUESTION 3 divulge how Charlotte power expect to be involved in military operations of the four instruction sections.Management surgical operation argon an administrative activities aimed at defining a swear out, establishing responsibilities, evaluating process activity and identifying opportunities for improvement. Management process is including the four processes that is blueprintning, control, steer and establishment. Planning process can be define as a process or activities that condition a destination or list the actions ne cessary to get hold of maven goals. when charlotte become the establish supervisor, indirectly she has involve in think process. This is because as a supervisor, she was answerable with the development and performances of comp either, where she was working. As a course of studyt supervisor, she has to do a schedules work assignments for the junior employees to wanton away sure the junior employees was doing their work accordingly and in systematic manners. Charlotte has to plan an schedule for her junior employees. make headwaying(prenominal) process is the transcriptional process where the plant supervisor need to de termined the task to be through, mint or employees that responsible with that task and how that task entrust be managed and coordinated. Charlotte is responsible to organize the schedule or task to be given to the junior employees. Charlotte essential(prenominal) ensure that, the tuition close the task must be stated clearly to the junior employees i n pronounce to make sure they can know what they re aloney suck up to do. Next is, the leading process. As a plants supervisor, charlotte too grow to leading the junior employees such as gives them activate in order to make sure, the goal of the company can be archive. A leader must has the ability to motivate people, know the employee expression and too has an communication tellingness in order to make sure information can be shared to on the whole of the people effectively. Charlotte also must be able to rise the leadership quality and must be able to solve any hassle. The last one process is control. Control can be define as process of controlling or monitoring the performance of the geological formation and its progress in implementing strategic and operational plans. Charlotte has to control the employees performances, in order to make sure that the performance can lead to the organization goals.QUESTION 4How would these chromo whatever mappings differ from the pl ant film director?The function between supervisor and plant theatre director is mostly different. It different in management process, that is planning, organizing, leading and control. Charlotte function he become a plant supervisor. This is the function of setting goals and objectives and converting them into specific plans. For a supervisor, the outcomes of planning embarrass operating schedules, quality specifications, expense bud coheres, timetables, and deadlines. The planning process also establishes policies, standard operating procedures, regulations, and rules. For organizing. In perform this function, a supervisor lines up all available resources, including depart noetic tools, equipment, materials, and especially the workforce. It is at this stage that the organizational structure of a department is targeted and its work is divided up into jobs. Thirdly, leading concept. This function gets the neckcloth flowing in an organization. Supervisors energize the vital huma n resources of their department by providing motive, communication, and leadership. Finally is controlling. Once departmental plans are set in motion, supervisors must periodically keep score on how well the plans are working out. To do so, supervisors measure proves, compare them with what was expected, judge how important the differences may be, and then take whatsoever action is involve to bring results into line. Controlling is borderingly linked to planning, because control actions are guided by the goals established during the planning process. The function of plant supervisor is different with plant theater director. A plant manager helps a companys senior management ensure that manufacturing processes are functional and adequate. The manager also negociates the work of effect and makes sure production plans obtain business requirements. Manager role, A plant manager supervises production activities and ensures that subordinates bewilder to corporate policies when p erforming tasks. The manager also conducts staff meetings and hires factory personnel. instantly, operational role, A plant manager monitors production schedules and makes sure these schedules conform to corporate requirements. The manager also formulates safety policies with which factory workers must hold when performing duties. For other considerations is an effective plant manager has a problem-solving disposition, leadership skills and deductive reasoning. Experienced plant managers often use notebook computers, operator terminals, enterprise resource planning software, and personal protective clothing. A plant manager position typically requires a bachelors degree in operations management or a related field.Cases test twoQUESTION 1What is the source of the problem at Mr Antonios organizations?Mr Antonio is kick downstairs of AL Electronic Banking Company ,he so strike to his employees make employees feeling pressured, annoyed and mistrusted because Mr Antonio still favors his way of leaderships that his does not want his employees to socialize just work. He put cameras and other surveillance equipment together with close human supervision constitute a very controlled environment.QUESTION 2Is Mr. Antonios style of leadership quest the principle of the behavioural position?Mr. Antonios style of leadership is in the other side make outing the behavioural perspective, solely in the other side again it was not followed the behavioral perspective. These is because there are many another(prenominal) theory was made that give explanation slightly this behavioral perspective. Behavioral perspective can be defined as an acknowledgement close to the importance of human behavior in shaping management style. It can be conclude that behavioral perspective is about study and understand the behavior of the employee in order to make it fix with the job or work given. Meaning here, that the behavioral perspective can measure the performance of the company, such as, if this one company does not focuses in the behavioral perspective about their employees, it capability be lead to tender in performance among their employees, where then would affect the company. Knowing the behavioral of the communities of that particular company, would then be easier for the manager or management team in that company to plan an activity that suitable and can be following by the employees in order to gain the briny goals. Behavioral perspective can be measure or can be define by follow about model. The first model is, through the Mary Parker Follett. Mary said that, the effective management is the harmonization among the surrounding of the work place. She felt that the manager should need to coordinate and harmonize group run rather than force and coerce people. Mary also believes that the management is a continuous and dynamic process. equivalence with what Mr. Antonia has done, such as putting the cameras all over the company, where his action cause to unharmonious of work surrounding. Second is the Elton Mayo model. Elton Mayo is the one that conducted the famous Hawthorne Experiments. Where in that Experiment state that, a productivity of one organization or company can be increased because attention was paid to the worker. Based on this model, what is Mr. Antonio doing is followed the principle of behavioral perspective. For example, he put the camera in order to look and to give full attention to what his worker doing, but unfortunately, these put all the employees in the uncomfortable condition when in work. Next is the model of Douglas McGregor who proposed the theory of x and y. These two of this theory explain that, the theory y are much than professional in doing work compare to the theory x. Theory X are more into tralatitious assumption and quite lazy to work and desire to work as little as can. They testament work solitary(prenominal) if there leave supervision. The leadership style that played by Mr. Antonio a re suitable to cover up the employees in generation x, because they only entrust do their work if there obtain any supervision. While , for the theory Y, it was differ from the theory X , where the theory Y are more into enjoying doing their work. These will lead to a problem, when Mr. Antonio are being using the cameras and other technologies in order to control and supervise his employees, it would then score uncomfortable condition to generation Y, because mostly, employees in theory Y are do not like to be control. They more likely like to play when doing some work. If the control was so tight, it may be make the employees become no mood to do the job effectively.QUESTION 3What is your view on Mr. Antonios style of managing?Based on the contents, Mr Antonios style managing is more to decide style. He do not care about other people action or reaction about the purpose that pick out he done. He also actually be a the telling leader. This leader only tells or give constructio n about the works that must be done from his employees. Mr Antonio does not touch on too much about the feeling or relationship within the group or his team. This is let where members are new, inexperienced, lacking in confidence or need a lot of help and guidance in order to get the job done. The leader should give clear directions and provide follow-up and feedback. This environment is not good if it happen in ours company or in ours teams. The works that we want do will not have a quality and we just want the work is done as what our leader wants. In same situation, Mr Antonio just give direction to his employees without ask them if they can do the work that he give. His employees is paid for do their work, not to socialize, but as a normal human, his employees need have a comfortable environment to do their work and explaination from him as a leader in that company. It also important to make sure all task or work that his employees will do is have good quality and right witho ut any mistake when his employees do the task or project. To be a leader, it is not must to be strictly person and make his or her employees uncomfortable to her or him. It is more good, if all employees have respected from them to their leader and make their leader as a mentor or idol for them.QUESTION 4What school of thoughts would you think to be most suitable in Mr Antonios organization? ExplainSchool of thought that the most suitable for Mr Antonios organization is system perspective. System perspective can be viewed as a combination of three building blocks that is input, outputs and transformation process. Because of Mr Antonios organization are more modern by using latest technologies this system are very suitable for his company.Cases Study 3QUESTION 1Identify and described any three plans expressed by Texchem in the case. What way be the possible advantage or disadvantage associated with these plans?Three plan that expressed by Texchem is corporate strategic planning, func tional strategic planning and business strategic planning. Corporate strategic planning involves assessing the organizations portfolio of business to determine whether an appropriate mix exists. The objective is to develop a mix of business units that meets the semipermanent goals of the organization. Diversification is often occurs in this plan and its occurs when an organization submit to add new business unit to its portfolio of business. Texchem also apply diversification concept whereas they add new product in their business that is ductile packaging factory for electrical and engineering equipment. Furthermore they also add up a manufacturing preparedness plant for surimi (minched fish meat), fishmeal (animal feed) and other aquaculture products. Secondly is functional strategic planning. Functional strategic planning specifies the production, investigate and development, financial, human resource management, and grocerying activities necessary to implement the organizat ions corporate and business strategies. Texchem apply this plan by built five division of growth. They are industrial division, family care division, consumer division, packaging division and food division. eventually is business strategic planning. Business strategic planning can be defined in questionnaire how distributively business unit in the organizations corporate portfolio will operate in its merchandise arena?. It can be seen in Texchem Resource Bhd. where Texchem Food entered into a joint venture agreement with Myanmar-based Mascot Industries Co. Ltd to manufacture and market surimi, fishmeals, seafood sticks and aquaculture products in Myanmar. This joint venture will gain the pro tallyability in their business. The advantages of this plan is managers can get a better coordination about their overall business. Furthermore, their business system will be more effective and efficiency. Besides that, employee also will involve in decision making. This will gain input from all levels of a firm and its essential for successful planning. Other than that, this plan also encourage strategic thinking. hard-hitting strategic thinking can be developed through learn and practice. The disadvantages of the plan that apply by Texchem is demands on the managers time, ambiguous and uncertain operating environments and resistance to change.QUESTION 2Did Texchem develop any eventuality plans as part of their business expansion strategies? If so, briefly describe them.Yes, Texchem have develop contingency plans. misfortune plans is development of two or more plans each based on different conditions. In Texchem company, they have plan to sell Domestos Nomos mosquito coils to other parts of the arena by tapping Unilevers vast distribution work. Texchem tapping Unilevers as a plan B to gain more profitability.QUESTION 3.What are Texchems foreign business expansion plans?Texchems international business expansion plans is to collaborate with the other company in diff erent oddball of country. For example, Texchem has collaborate with plastic packaging factory for electrical and engineering equipment in Philippines, manufacturing facility plant in Myeil, Myanmar and coloborate with big reproach company that is Unilevers.Cases Study 4QUESTION 1If you were given the opportunity to undertake this task, what would you do?If I was given the opportunities to take this problem, I would then try to do the same thing like what the jargons menu director want to do with the bank forking. I will then build the bank into a learning organization. Where learning organization mean, the employees or the bank branch develop as a result of the pressures facing modern organizations and enables them to remain competitive in the business environment. Learning organization has five main features, that is the first one is system thinking, where in system thinking, the bank branch has to study the businesses as express mail objects. Learning organizations use this method of thinking when measuring their company and have information systems that measure the performance of the organization as a whole and of its confused sections. Secondly, is personal mastery, that can be define as the commitment of an individual or employees to the process of learning. Individual learning is acquired through staff training and development, but learning cannot be force to some individual that is not receptive to learning. Its was important to develop a culture where personal mastery is practiced in daily life. A branch manager major power then be training be prepared to faced any changes that was made by the mature of director. Thirdly is, mental model, where the individual or the branch manager prevail to adopt theories, which are what are they tend to follow and use the theories or rule set by the board of director. A mental model also was an explanation of someones thought process about how something works in the real world is. Mental model can help shap e behavior and set an method to solving problems to doing a tasks. Next is the shared vision. The development of share vision is important to motivate the employees, as it will create a common identity that provide focus and energy for learning. The shared vision is often succeed to against a competitor. Rapid changes in society are requiring rapid changes in educational organization. The bank branchs manager has to revisit or look back into their main mission so that they not lost in order to achieve their mission. The last one of the main feature of learning organization is team learning. group learning can be define as a process of working together to achieve a common objectives in a group. In the learning organization context, team member tend to share knowledge with each others by skills. If there is no commitment in that team, team work may fail and the mission of one organization may not be achieve. By these all feature, the bank branch can improve it capacity and will have continuously learning, change and change towards progress with each otherQUESTION 2What suggestion would you offer to the board of directory to ensure that the bank accomplishes its goals?I would then suggest the board of directory to uses and follow the management process in order to make sure that the bank can achieve its goals. By using the management process, such as follow the first process that is planning. In planning process, the board of director should ensure that the current decision must consider the future operating. By doing the planning process, they would know what to do next after one goal have been achieve. The planning will make their work become easier in order to accomplish its goals and the entire branch manager can know their responsibilities. Planning also provides groundwork for the organization of a coarse range of organizational activities. Planning can be classified into two categories that are the first one is strategic and the second one is operationa l. Strategic planning is more focus on long term planning. While, operational planning are more focuses on short term actions. using this two token of planning, a board of director can plan each of their plan in a long term plan that include in five until ten years, and using the short term plan in order to achieve their goal. Next process is through the policy making, where the purpose of these policy making is ensuring that the employees was make the decision and taking any action through the guidance that has provided by the board of director. The guidance, also known as policies are statements about the direction from management and the board. From this policy making, each of the bank branch then can have consistency in their management and would not against with each other. Next process is the personnel administration. Through this process, the board of director can ensure relevant recruiting, compensation, training, and personnel development activities. A banks personnel pol icies and procedures are energetic to the development and link of a quality staff. Personnel administration is considered in determining how well banks are managed include the organizational structure. So that, by this process, the organizational structure can be organize accordingly in every bank branch.Study Cases 5QUESTION 1What was the vision and plans that Steven Sim developed a little before 1997 that resulted in the success of Secret Recipe in Malaysia and other countries today?Steven Sim vision is to see their company brand growth up and make people revalue what that they have done. Besides that, they also want to change publics perception of a cake shop, where cakes only for take-away and special occasion. Although, Steven Sim plans is to took a risk in gain up their company. Steven Sim took an advantages of the lower rentals and better image in terms of advertising and promotions at a time when most companies consolidating.QUESTION 2Explain the Total Quality Management p ractice that was implemented and contribute to the many awards that Secret Recipe had won by 1998 onwards.Total Quality Management that practice by Secret Recipe is committed an effective leaders. This is because Steven Sim as a leader use the strategic planning to organize their company. Other than that, Steven Sim also monitor and training their worker to be more expert in their job. This strategy will built a team work among Secret Recipe worker.QUESTION 3Describe the road map that Sim has wasted up for 2005 and beyond.Road map can be defined as an organization that set up to arrive at a certain place. In Secret Recipe company, Sim hopes to tap Chinese market and beyond. This is their target that is to growth up their company by make a business relationship with other market.Cases Study 6QUESTION 1what moivates the foreign competitors to choose Malaysia as their manufacture?Motivates is defined as forces either internal or out-of-door to person that act as inducements or that i nfluence action to do something .foreign competitor motivates choose Malaysia as their manufacture because of Malaysia have impressive feature such as global focus is turning toward chindia ,the combined china india market and also the Asean region. Malaysia RD sector provide good breakthrough .QUESTION 2Do you agree that both intrinsic reward play magnanimous role in encouraging the Malaysians to be players at the Honnover Fair ? Discuss your answer .Yes ,I agree that both intrinsic reward play prominent role in encouraging the Malaysia to be player at the Honnover Fair because of many reason .The first reason are Malaysian should be prove as a Malaysian that can motivate foreign competitive to manufacture to countries and Malaysia is to assert its position in what is veritably a Darwinist global environment in our RD innovations .Secondly, the reason is Professor Mohd Nasir Mohammad Ibrahim,school of Chemical Science USM was displaying a atomic number 28 -plated device for use in variety of applications such as industrial production and automotive industry. at long last are Malaysian can enter into technological partnership with western institutions and corporations that strong in subcontracting and with child(p) business . Malaysian could be use the fair to tap the international markets.QUESTION 3How a job gets to be manufactured has motley approaches . Explain the impact job design has in optimizing work productivity?Job design defines as the set of tasks and activities that are grouped together to constitute a particular job positions .The jobs manufacture has various approaches and impacts on the organizing process . The impact of jobs design has in optimizing work productivity is must achieve the organizations strategic that manufacture .The organization should must complete a number of tasks and activities. The second impacts is can organize a successfully without has the mistakes it because of manager organize good of the job design by give task according the group its more specific jobs that can be done and the goal of organizations would be achieve. The lastly is job descriptions are commonly used to describe the details of the responsibilities and tasks associated with a given position.Cases Study 7.QUESTION 1Do you believe that Niko has a legitimate complaint? Explain.Yes, I believe that Niko has legimate complaint, this is because every person or employees should given chance to promoted. Niko should be given chance to appreciation another job or work in other position to show that the manager has appreciate the hard work that have done by Niko on the five year he been work at the Bifuho production. In the other hand, Niko also have already show a good images along he been working in five year with Bifuho production. Its is not fair for the person or employees that have been worked hard but does not been appreciate by the company itself. The manager should not only observation or searching for someone at the outside of company to bring in, in order to make full the job vacant. A manager also should flavour into his own employees inside the company, that has the capability and ability to handle the new position, where the employees inside the company are more trustfully than the other people outside the company. The manager should change his view into looking for someone outside to fulfill the job vacant. More over, the old employees in that company are longer being exposed with the mission of the company, while if the manager was hired the newest employees, it might too long for them to being exposed and know about the mission of company. Furthermore, promoted also is some type of the reward from company in order to increase the want of their worker. I think that, Niko has the right to jaw about his unsatisfied about his position, because if he just only silent without complaint, It might make his motivation become down and it could then affect the performance of the company. In addition a lso, without any complaint about these issues it could maybe make the manager to do the same thing with the other employees, that would then decrease their motivation to work.QUESTION No. 2Explain the possible impact to the organization if it practical enlisting from external sources.External enlisting is promotion for and asking candidates from outside the organization to vacant jobs. External recruitment is recruitment that finding new employees outside the organization that has skilled or qualified to fulfill existing job vacancies in that organization. When a business engages in external recruitment, a human resource people might be used to facilitate the search, contact and recruitment process. There are some impact to the organization if it practical recruitment from this type of recruitment. It may include the advantages and disadvantages gain by the organization. Choosing the candidate from outside the organization might bring new ideas and insight to the organization. These is because the organization may looking into some different perspective of their employees. This is what the manager of Bifuho trying to do. They rather choose the employees outside their organization because they looking for something difference and fresh in their perspective. People when working together in same environment in long time, will be harder to see any different ideas among their employees. Looking for another candidate from external recruitment also was perhaps cheaper than training a professional. When an organization are hiring the professional employees, it may be expensive to pay his or her salary because of the high demand of that professional employees. But when, they hiring the newest employees, it will save cost of paying the salary. These is because the newest employees would not put a higher demand on the salary. Bifuho company might be scare to choose the experienced employees like Niko, because scare if Niko will ask for a higher salary than what he alrea dy have. Apart from that, choose an employees from external source also will force a employee from inside the organization to update their skill and knowledge in order to compete with the newest employee. This can lead to the improvement of the quality and also performance of the organization. The external recruitment also give the negative or disadvantages impact to the organization. The selected person or candidates may be not fit with the job or organization. These may lead to unstable performance of that organization. For example job like a customer service where the employees have to deal with a people in their daily work, if the candidates is a shy person it would be hard for that employees to do their work easily. It might then reduce the performance of that organization. Apart from that, choosing employee from the external resource also lead to problem such as morale problem of the candidates that are chooses to fulfill the vacant jobs. The organization maybe do not have cor rect view about the behavior of that external candidates, compare with the internal recruitment, the behavior and their attitude are well known because they are already being working together in long time. A long adjustment time maybe need. For example the candidates may have to acquaint their self in the new work surrounding. It might take a long time to adapt in new surrounding. This could affect the progression of the organization.QUESTION 3Beside using external recruitment, what are the various methods that are the organization could use to get more talented employees.Apart from using the external recruitment to finding the best employees in order to fulfill the vacancies in one organization, there are various other method in order to find the candidates. For example, the first one is, finding the candidates among the exist employees that have in that organization. It has also known as the internal recruitment. It can be defined as looking for someone in that organization who a re really qualified to fit into the job vacant. The managers are responsible to encourage their employees to apply the vacant jobs. Hiring and recruiting the former student of vocational school or universities, such as in Malaysia the Polytechnics School and also the Universities institute Technology Mara provide their student with the practical training which make their student are able to adapt with any organization after they graduate. Looking for some employees from this type of school may be easier to the organization because they does not bother to train new employees to fit the job given because the student are already being polish to do work in such industries. Other than that, the organization also can find the talented employees by asking some suggestion from the current employees to suggest someone that they known that have the abilities to fulfill the qualified work that needed by the organization. For example, the current employees of the organization may suggest his or her relatives, friends or whose they known that have the abilities and qualification to take the job vacant. It might help the organization to get talented employees because they have the strong referrer about the employees. In addition, a job fair also can meet the organization with the talented employees. On the job fair, such as the job exhibition, where all the job seekers can join the exhibition and meet with the manager, from that, the manager can choose which one candidates that have the ability and characteristic that can fulfill the job requirement. These is because from the job fair, the ma